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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-02-13 |
Oink Video Presents
Item # ONK01
Reviewed by: LTL3
Year Produced: 2001
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The opening captions of "Just Doin' It", Oink Video's premiere video, states that the video is intended for men who like their sex "raw and nasty." While "Just Doin' It" features bare backing and cum eating, I wish it had been a little nastier. Filmed in the Chicago bathhouse, Man's Country, the video is set in a perfect location for capturing the sights and sounds of men being slutty. Likewise, the cast is a nice assortment of men who would make a night at the nearest bathhouse an arrousingly good time. However, the overall results here are a little too much like today's typical porn fare. (Unlike many of today's bare backing videos, there are no anal cumshots.) The Man's Country setting isn't used for any great effect. The segments between the sex have a nice (and naughty) hidden camera feel, but the sex scenes themselves look no different than any other porn set. Also, for me, one of the surefire ways to kill the mood of a sex scene is to cover the natural sounds of men buttfucking with a layer of elevator music. But despite these quibbles, the sex in "Just Doin' It" is nicely presented. Adam Wolfe and Brad McGuire get things started with an aggressive suck and fuck in a bathroom setting. Wolfe pays particular oral attention to McGuire's foreskin rich cock. To return the favor, McGuire practically lodges his tongue in Wolfe's asshole before briefly putting his bare dick into Wolfe. To finish the scene, the two men feed each other their cumloads straight from the hose. The two middle scenes (a three-way and a duo) aren't as raw as this initial scene, but are definitely above average. The final scene also generates some nice heat. There, a young blond finds himself in a sling and on the receiving end of two long dicks, one black and one white. Then, for one of the finishing touches of the video, the better part of the black guy's right hand is stuffed into the blond's butt. Worth getting.

Have fun Raytje !
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