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[[LucasKazan] The Sicilian Connexxxion and Behind The Scenes Footage

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DescriptionWhat happens in Sicily doesn't always stay in Sicily. 3 Sicilian newcomers, 5 Euro studs, 2 hours.

Scene 1 Dario Beck and Will Helm

The very definition of a swarthy Spaniard is Dario Beck, who is sitting in a posh living room reading a book. Suddenly Will Helm appears. Of course the reedy gorgeous Frenchman has a cigarette with him. Other than his underwear, that’s all he has. In a flash, Will is on the couch with Dario and they are kissing. Dario sports a hairy chest, while Will has his trademark beard. The guys pause to do interviews. Dario is engaging and down-to-earth while Will, speaking in French and English, is bashfully sweet.

Things restart when a very big banana is given to the guys and they deep-throat it. Both pass that test very easily. We watch as they shoot stills, but once Dario hauls out his thick uncut cock, it’s time to get back to sex. Will, a performer who usually takes a little while to warm up before turning into a bundle of energy, starts ferociously from the onset, which a deep-throat that is nothing short of perfect. Will, nicely hung too, stands up for Dario to suck him, allowing for Dario to gobble deeply and for some eager face-fucking from Will. Will then tops Dario with pep, easily able to get all the way and use long thrusts in Dario’s welcome hole. He gathers speed until he’s reached a relentless piston momentum. Dario sits on Will and rides, getting all the way down. Dario cums with Will still inside, and Will focuses on the cum in order to follow suit with an insane geyser that goes beyond his shoulder and all over the couch. Blasts that big are very rare!

Scene 2 Salvatore Gorini

Salvatore Gorini is a strapping Sicilian who is a butcher and go-go boy (presumably not at the same time) whose fantasy is to have three women at the same time. Olive-skinned and perfectly smooth, he’s a handsome buck and after chattering for a while in Italian, he finally shows off his bonder. It has a big head and full balls. As he strokes himself, he does, well, not a whole lot. For a few seconds, he licks his arm, and he does show off his hairy butt, though none enthusiastically. He’s definitely a hunk, but his jacking off skills need an infusion of energy. What he does have, in abundance, is cum. When he has an orgasm, it covers his abs in spunk.

Scene 3 Ettore Tosi and Lorenzo Arca (Ettore's Boyfriend)

Another newcomer is Lorenzo Arca, a kid with a big smile and a decent body, though his ass is to-die-for. He plays around at the beach as our director, the ageless and irreplaceable Ettore Tosi, shoots him. They retire to a bedroom where the two of them romp around in bed. Both guys have monster cocks and Lorenzo works on Ettore’s first, though Ettore fingers Lorenzo while being blown. When Ettore pushes his head down, Lorenzo can deep-throat. Ettore then chows on Lorenzo’s dark-hued thickness with great care in order to keep Lorenzo in a state of permanent excitement. Ettore is even zestier when he rims and fingers, but it’s Lorenzo who gets to top. They start sideways, never an easy position, but Lorenzo packs his whole cock into Ettore’s ass. More picturesque is Ettore bouncing on Lorenzo and then getting off so they can flip-flop. Lorenzo has a tight hole, but Ettore pushes through that and then opens up for some power topping. Lorenzo suddenly fills with oomph when Ettore fucks him from underneath. The height and speed of Lorenzo’s bounces are mammoth. Though the scene is choppy and stays too long in some awkward positions, Ettore makes it work when he’s in charge. Ettore has the wowing cum blast here.

Scene 4 Samuele Mistro

Back in the solo action, we meet Samuele Mistro. He is brunet and very handsome, especially when he’s smiling, as he completely lights up. He claims not to go to the gym, but that toned body isn’t just coincidence, more likely the result of all the sports he plays. He’s straight and his fantasy is to cum inside his partner, though he enjoys fucking girls in the ass. He has a thing for his teacher, claiming to beat off just thinking about her. He’s at once bashful and confident. The first time we see his cock, he’s pissing, but soon after, it’s shown hard. It is awfully big, curving almost 90 degrees. Just ogling his dick is a treat, but he’s also not super energetic in his pumping. He has a cute ass, though it’s shown only briefly.

Scene 5 Wagner Vittoria and Daruis Ferdynand

Playing clean up are two veteran models, both always terrific. We have Hungarian Darius Ferdynand and the gigantic Brazilian Wagner Vittoria. Both answer the oft-asked questions about their sexual history, all seemingly pointing to being straight with gay experiences, at least until Wagner talks about his longtime partner Diego Lauzen and his face lights up just mentioning him. It’s sweet. Darius is just thrilled that London gay life is more exciting than in his home country. The shooting of stills shows how hunky the guys are. Both have fantastically huge cocks and mouthwatering bodies. Darius is a champ as a cocksucker and he does a splendid job delivering a teasing and powerful deep-throat on Wagner’s cock after some sexy kissing. He goes for broke and delivers. Then Wagner has a opportunity to blow Darius and does it with his typical zest. Darius has one of my favorite asses in gay porn, one of those perfectly shaped butts with pillowy cheeks and a deep hole that can take anything. Wagner rims him, getting his cock all the way in. They fuck inside, where Darius’ arms are planted on a counter behind him, but the rest of his body is held mid-air by Wagner, who is also tearing off with an explosive pounding. It’s fun and frisky and shows a great chemistry. Darius gets to ride Wagner with insane expertise cums and then pumps Wagner’s meat until it too has unloaded.

Bonus Scenes:

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2.  Behind The Scenes - Darius Ferdynand
3.  Behind The Scenes - Wagner Vittoria
4.  Behind The Scenes - Wagner Vittoria and Daruis Ferdynand

Stars: Dario Beck, Will Helm, Salvatore Gorini, Ettore Tosi, Lorenzo Arca, Samuele Mistro, Wagner Vittoria, and Darius Ferdynand
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