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Angel Blue - Pacific Sun Entertainment - 720p

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DescriptionThe angelically devilish Mr. Brandt deep-throats like a champ, and when slamming his cock into a hole squeals like a greased pig. The rest of the cast is hot and perform well, but there's no doubt as to who the star is here.

Cast:  Billy Brandt, Rocky, Deacon Frost, Bryan Archer, Brett Dimineo, Dante Foxx, Logan Reed, Jack Ryan, Brock Hensley, Lark Larson, Mark Cirriano, Robert Collins, Nathan Hamilton

Length: 1hr 12min
Year: 2001
Studio: Pacific Sun Entertainment
MP4 @ 720p

Famed director Michael Zen brings us an ambitious title that is much more mainstream than his usual fare. This time Billy Brandt is given the star treatment he so deserves. Said to be Brandt’s favorite amongst his own performances, he portrays the elusive and much sought after dancer who “ain’t no angel” according to the cover art.

The story is set in Beverly Hills where Milo Brentwood (Frost) is a rich collector of boys who wants to add Angel Blue to his collection of young, beautiful men. Dimineo and Archer - already part of his collection - are sent to a club to get the goods on Angel.

Rocky, Blue/Angel’s right hand man is servicing him upon a stage for the crowd to see. Blue moans and winces throughout the blowjob and looks as good as he ever has with windblown hair and a model’s sneer. Rocky does an admirable job polishing Blue’s wide, juicy tool before accepting it all the way in his little pink button hole. More time could have been spent with these two beauties’ foreplay, but it could be argued that one wouldn’t find much foreplay at a stage show. As the scene ends both guys shoot nice loads of jizz onto Rocky’s hairy belly. This is the first time we get to see Rocky’s uncut cock, as he is strictly trade here. (Maybe Zen needs the sequel to revolve around the young Latino.)

Archer and Dimineo finally approach Blue and tell him that Mr. Brentwood wants to pay him to take a shower. At this point that we find out that Rocky and Blue are lovers in desperate need of money to get their truck back.  In any case, Blue does shower as Frost watches from an outdoor lounge chair. Frost urges his blonde minions to join Blue in the shower. They try but get to the bathroom a moment too late and only pass an exiting Blue. No matter, they quickly hop in the shower and begin to make out. Soon Archer is on his knees wolfing down Dimineo’s huge, smooth cock. Archer certainly knows his way around cock and works it like he was born to suck. Dimineo eats Archer’s pretty ass as the camera lingers on Archer’s huge ball sac. Archer eagerly gets fucked and the two both shoot nice wads as they kiss some more.

Finally Frost seduces Angel Blue. The two share some really deep tongue kissing that Zen does a great job of capturing, starting out on a bed and magically winding up in a Jacuzzi. The kissing is extended and bound to get your cock hard. Eventually Brandt winds his way down to Frost’s naturally hairy chest and works his tongue on Frost’s eraser-head nipples before swallowing the brunette’s cock. Brandt, who didn’t suck cock in the first sex scene, let’s us see just how adept a dick licker he can be. He lovingly licks Frost’s balls and takes the entire uncut shaft in his mouth, flicking his tongue over the head and into the pee slit.

Frost returns the favor and just as lovingly services the young blond, spitting on Brandt’s fat piece and working every centimeter of it. Both men are aggressive in this scene - Brandt pushes Frost against the wall and eats his butthole before fucking his trick. Frost gets fucked in a few different positions before both guys let the cum fly (their cum shots are captured in almost the exact same way that Brandt’s and Rocky’s were filmed earlier).

The movie’s hottest sex scene occurs next and is set in the garage where said truck is being housed. Foxx is the mechanic and Reed must be the manager (he wears a tie). These guys quickly get Archer on his knees to suck their cocks as they passionately kiss and explore one another’s bodies. Foxx is a delicious looking Latin Lothario with a smooth, tan body and a huge uncut cock. Reed is always appealing and such a stalwart. Their size and stature is a direct dichotomy to Archer’s seeming youth and innocence. Again, Archer proves that he certainly knows his way around a cock. It is hard to determine just who the standout in this scene is. Suffice it to say that all three men are gorgeous and eager. It could be said that there is a little something (or a lot of something) for all tastes in this trio. Archer bottoms first, taking both big dicks. Reed also gets fucked before the other two spray all over his hairy body. This is one scene you’ll watch again.

You will likely rewind another Rocky scene, too. Here our young star is fantasizing about that damn truck. In his dream he is jerking off in the driver’s seat when an eclectic bevy of guys appear and begin stroking on and around the truck. Looking somewhat like a Benetton ad we are treated to a tall black guy with a l-o-n-g dong, a young frat type boy with a white cap, a red head whose curtains match his drapes, a thick blond, and a variety of other guys all of whom make eyes at Rocky and show him their goods while never touching him. (Two of the guys do blow one another). All of the guys explode onto the truck while Rocky watches and flogs his meat. Rocky shoots a nice load on himself as the figments disappear, leaving lover Blue to arrive at the garage. An extended Brandt/Rocky pairing would have been nice here…but hey, we did get a lot of bang for our buck.

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