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Original upload: 2012-12-08 |
Do naked guys with big muscles make your dick hard? Muscle hunk, Milos Zambo, jerks his own hard cock in this steamy XXX video.
Milos begins his show by posing and flexing fully clothed, before the fun begins. He works the camera a bit by showing you his hard cock through his jock, then hides it...just to tease you. It's not long before his hard erection is sticking out of the top of his pants.
He slowly strips down, picks up his jock and hangs it from his erect cock...just to prove to you how hard he really is.
Milos kicks back on the bench, raises his legs in the air, and probes his tight little ass with a moistened finger, but acts like he doesn't like it that much. But before long, he's so fucking turned on and horny, he realizes he loves the feeling of his finger playing with his man hole while jerking.
He walks across the room with a full erection, intentionally bouncing it to make you take notice. He bends over the sofa to show you more of his hot ass and hole. Thrusting his bubble butt, you get a chance to see his hard cock fucking his hand and imagine what it might feel like inside of your own ass.
When Milos realizes he's about the cum, he moves to the bench again, lays back and jerks his dick and blows hot jizz onto his abs.
"Hope Never Dies", tattooed across his chest, tells me there's always hope for me to find this kind of man !!!
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