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BUB Reputation Part 1-7

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DescriptionAJ is a black stud with a reputation. When Joey spots him out at the local gay club, he immediately recognizes him from the pictures he’s seen online and decides that he has to have AJ himself. When the stud isn’t looking, Joey slips something into his drink. Fifteen minutes later, AJ is passed out. When the confused boy awakens, he’s chained to a bondage table and stripped nude in a sex dungeon. “Word on the street is that you’re quite the slut. Now I’m gonna see just how much of a slut you really are!” Joey announces, giving his new slave-boy a nice hard lash with a flogger. AJ’s screams echo off the concrete walls of the dungeon. “Let me out!” he yells, trying to free himself from the chains. Joey isn’t having it. “Try to get out again and you’ll really be hurt!” he threatens, giving the boy another hard lash. Now AJ is really pissed off. With every ounce of strength in his muscular body, he pulls on his binds once more in a desperate attempt to escape. Unfortunately for him, Joey knows what he wants and always gets his way. The fun has just begun.

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