Helix Studios - Velo

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DescriptionStudio: Helix Studios
Runtime: 110; Resolution: 1920x1080, H264

Jessie Montgomery
Matthew Keading
Ty Roderick
Jacob Dixon
Ryker Madison
Damon Archer
Andy Taylor

The Velo bike messenger boys work long hours navigating new relationships,
overbearing bosses and upset customers in an unforgiving urban environment.
Our hero Matthew Keading is forced to pay the consequences for sleeping in with boyfriend Jessie Montgomery
when hot jock Ty Roderick accepts Matthew’s ass as payment for his late delivery.
Bad boy Jacob Dixon knows how to be fast on the bike and smooth with the boys as he
seduces pampered millionaire Damon Archer and plows his ass bareback for all it’s worth.
The daily grind doesn’t stop until Matthew finally returns home to Jessie for an exhilarating
flip-fuck with his big dick blond boy toy.

Scene 1: The Architect
The Architect finds our hero Matthew Keading being forced to pay the consequences for staying late in bed with his hot boyfriend Jessie Montgomery.
Ty Roderick as the The Architect is furious that his delivery is late.
Will Matthew lose his job as a bike messenger or will he take The Architect's jock cock to keep his customer happy?

Scene 2: The Dispatcher
In the second installment of Velo we find Matthew Keading commiserating with Jacob Dixon about the daily grind of a bike messenger.
New delivery boy Andy Taylor shows up for his first day on the job but Dispatcher Ryker Madison isn't sparing any pleasantries as he chastises Jacob for his lack of customer service.
Ryker worries Jacob will lose his job but his office lover is more interested in servicing The Dispatcher and his smooth twink ass.

Scene 3: The New Guy
It's the first day on the job for bike messenger Andy Taylor and although he's doing his best to navigate the big city it doesn't take him long to get lost.
Luckily, Velo bad boy Jacob Dixon is taking a smoking break and offers to show Andy a few quick short cuts.
Instead of leaving right away Andy decides to get to know his new co-worker and the two boys head to a nearby alley.
Andy shows he's ready to be a Velo boy by quickly stripping off his clothes and riding Jacob's rock hard cock like a pro.

Scene 4: The Millionaire
Velo bad boy Jacob Dixon is fast on the bike and smooth with the boys.
Jacob finds himself mixed up in even more high-octane action when the thrill-seeking bike messenger meets shy millionaire Damon Archer on a routine delivery.
Damon casually invites Jacob into his swaggy high rise apartment where the sexy biking boy promptly lays all his best moves on the young entrepreneur.
Damon finds out everything he's been missing as a rich recluse when Jacob plows his pampered ass with his big bareback cock.

Scene 5: The Boyfriend
After a long day on the bike Matthew Keading is finally home and ready for some sexy time with boyfriend Jessie Montgomery.
Even after riding hard all day Matthew shows he's still got the energy to deliver an intimate and exhilarating flip-fuck for his boy toy.
All in a day's work for the Velo bike messenger boys as Matthew and Jessie spend the rest of their evening naked and bareback doing what they love most!

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