Military Secrets - Disc 2 (FVS412)

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1. Gus Mattox, Cade Devlin
Gus Mattox gets the action started by showing his new recruit, Cade Devlin, how things get done. Cade dutifully submits to Gus's cock.
see also The Recruits

2. Peter Krisztia, Colby Tavers, Serge Istavan
Peter Krisztia oversees the target practice of Colby Tavers and Serge Istavan, who test their marksmanship in a field. When the captain leaves, the two start sucking each other. Krisztia soon comes back to sample his students.
see also Under Fire

3. Tyler Marks, Rod Barry, Matt Majors
Erik recounts a sordid sight he saw while doing his rounds: In an alley, two seamen Tyler Marks and Rod Barry on leave are caught pissing in an alley by cruel MP Matt Majors. Rest assured that before the scene is up, the tables are turned.
see also Driver
found in compilation The Best of Rod Barry (Falcon)

4. Nick Marino, Justin Riddick, Dean Campbell
Meeting up in the latrine, Soldiers Nick Marino and Justin Riddick trade haircuts while Dean Campbell showers. As the clippings fly, these two studs find themselves hard and hot. When the last of the trimming is done, Nick and Justin devote themselves to sucking cock. With his tool nice and stiff, Justin begins to fuck Nick…just as Dean steps out of the shower. Dean offers Nick his cock and he eagerly sucks it down…sandwiched between the horny GI’s. The men work together…taking what they need and moving between sucking and fucking until each man is sated and soaked in cum.
see also Bunker (Mustang)

5. Brad Patton, Breck Stewart
Brad Patton returns to give his superior officer, Breck Stewart, a fucking he won't forget anytime soon.
see also The Recruits

6. George Vidanov, Sergej Gulbicsov
Every task – big or small – is vital to the welfare of the company, yet Sergej Gulbicsov is kinda pissed he got stuck having to clean and maintain all the artillery. He tries to enlist his buddy to help him out, but George Vidanov would rather handle the meaty piece of equipment throbbing between Sergej's legs. The two embark on their own personal mission of knob polishing and corn-holing, climaxing with both soldiers happily shooting their wads.
see also Basic Training (Falcon)

7. Cade Devlin, Gus Mattox, Alex LeMonde, Jon Galt, Tyler Gunn, Chet Roberts, Bobby Williams (white)
Meanwhile, submissive recruit Cade Devliln is back, taking on Gus Mattox again, but this time also Alex LeMonde, Jon Galt, Tyler Gunn, Chet Roberts and Bobby Williams, which quickly erupts into a sizzling orgy.
see also The Recruits
found in compilation The Best of Gus Mattox
found in compilation The Best of Chet Roberts
found in collection I Want More (Falcon) (DVD bonus)

8. David Moretti, Stefan Stano, Claudio Mensina
Back at headquarters, Stefan Stano interrogates the just apprehended Claudio Mensina. He demands details and information on rebel activities, but Claudio refuses to cooperate. Threatened with sexual assault, the frightened prisoner won't betray his assignment. He willingly surrenders to the punishment. Soon David Moretti joins Stefan in doling out the harsh treatment, making this drubbing pure excitement. Perhaps it was Stefan's ruse to use carnal warfare to get the criminal to talk. But Claudio still won't squeal. He does moan a lot, but he doesn't spill the beans.
see also Basic Training (Falcon)

9. Trojan Rock, Ivan Andros
Back from maneuvers, Trojan Rock and Ivan Andros have a chance to cool off in their camou gear…but temptation leads them to heat things up. They gradually work their way out of their gear—stroking and sucking as they strip—and into a frenzy of man to man action. Trojan buries his cock in Ivan’s ass…opening him up for a good hard fuck. Ivan takes it all eagerly and allows the rhythmic fucking to push him to the boiling point before both men stroke out their loads and discover the true meaning of R&R.
see also Bunker (Mustang)

10. Brad Patton, Matthew Rush, Joe Sport
As part of a war game, Brad Patton gets captured by Matthew Rush and Joe Sport. Though he's a prisoner, he quickly takes the upper hand as he and Matthew fuck Joe Sport.
see also The Recruits
found in compilation The Best of Matthew Rush 1
found in compilation The Best of Brad Patton

11. Patrik Zsolt, Johan Reves, Martin Sandor
Patrik Zsolt is peeling potatoes outside when Martin Sandor and Johan Reves pull up in their Jeep to lend a hand. The clothes quickly get peeled, and after some sucking, a fuck chain follows with Sandor in between Zsolt and Reves.
see also Under Fire

12. Brad Rock, Rodin Kohl, Troy Brewer
Brad Rock, Rodin Kohl, Troy Brewer settle into their bunks for the night, but Brad just can’t keep his hands of his cock. Rodin catches the action out of the corner of his eye and rises to give Brad a hand. Meanwhile, Troy Brewer catches sight of Rodin’s cock from the bottom bunk and can’t resist the temptation. The men straddle the bunks sucking and stroking and before long these studs are all on the same bunk…sucking, rimming, and fucking their way through a scorching three-way. As the intensity heightens these enlisted men surrender to the call of their stiff cocks and asses until each man has had his fill and lost his load.
see also Bunker (Mustang)

Military Secrets
distributor Falcon Studios
Falcon Four Hours released 2010 length 240 vendor id FVS412
category General Hardcore
studio Falcon Studios
rating out of 4 non rated
produced 2000-2007
type Compilation
location U.S.
Czech Republic
Eastern Europe
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director Jim Steel
John Bruno
Kristofer Weston
Steve Kiraly
Alex LeMonde
Bobby Williams (white)
Brad Patton
Brad Rock
Breck Stewart
Cade Devlin
Chet Roberts
Claudio Mensina
Colby Tavers
David Moretti
Dean Campbell
Erik Rhodes
George Vidanov
Gus Mattox
Ivan Andros
Joe Sport
Johan Reves
Jon Galt
Justin Riddick
Martin Sandor
Matt Majors
Matthew Rush
Nick Marino
Patrik Zsolt
Peter Krisztia
Rod Barry
Rodin Kohl
Serge Istavan
Sergej Gulbicsov
Stefan Stano
Trojan Rock
Troy Brewer
Tyler Gunn
Tyler Marks
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