♺ Joe Schmoe - Ghetto Whiteboys Gone Wild 3

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Original upload: 2015-05-07 |
Our young buddy, Bubba stopped by, trying to earn a little extra money and show off on camera. He is a 21 yr old cute stocky str8 guy who was a little nervous during our shoot. He kicks back in the Schmoelounger and works his young meat to full hardness in no time. He doesn't have the biggest dick but it sure is nice. I just have to move in for a taste. Bubba doesn’t seem to mind and I slurp all over his young redneck cock till I can taste precum. I’m afraid he's gonna bust in my mouth so I let him finish jackin it and he shoots all over himself.

Brian and Chris were over and Chris is one of the guys that you can’t really judge by how he looks. Chris has a humongous crush on Brian even though they are both “straight”. So today, when they decided that the younger Brian would fuck Chris, I knew it would be hot, specially since Chris secretly has been wanting it all along.

Pay-per-view so seed bonus is appreciated.
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