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/// This torrent includes scenes 5-9 that feature Darren from StraightHell.net plus the pre and post-interviews. All videos are in high definition WMV format.  The video resolution is 960x540 (except for the pre-interview which is 640x360). 
Scenes 1-4 (uploaded by dokun) can be found here: http://tracker.gaytorrent.ru/details.php?id=35480&hit=1 ///

*** The Victim ***
Name: Darren
Age: 20
Occupation: Factory work
Body type: Slim
Topped by: Terry and Stan

*** The Setup ***

On their way into the match, in high spirits as they wait to see their sporting heroes, most football fans are gullible as fuck. And I'm scouting out my prey.

I spot a cute youth with a couple of mates, and show them a free ticket to 'the match after party'. All their faces light up, and I lay the bullshit on thick - it's an exclusive event... all the players coming along... we want the cream of the crop - and that means good looking young fans.

After taking the piss out of his mate's unsuitable image, Darren proudly claims the ticket and listens carefully as I give him the instructions that will get him right where we want him...

*** Scene 5 ***

Stan and I have put in a lot of effort fucking, beating and torturing our unhappy group of straight captives. Now we want to sit back and watch the fruits of our training - an enforced straight on straight sex show.

We've stationed policeman Matthew with his cock in the glory hole box, with the threat of Stan's cattle prod backing up the order to get an erection - now. Darren and Nick cower inside, uncomfortably aware of the tight collars currently digging metal probes into their necks.

The first couple of shocks to Darren and Nick's electric collars jolt them to the floor, clawing at their necks in agony. If they want the torture to stop, they'd better follow orders - and soon they're both miserably licking the disembodied cock and balls dangling above them. I make them swap between blowjob duties, with Darren taking his turn licking the hairy balls, grimacing, while Nick sucks the end of the knob.

When Matthew can't get hard from their pathetic oral attentions, Stan zaps his arse with the cattle prod, demanding he fuck the hole, get it right into their mouths. Matthew begs the men to try harder, get him hard, not caring for their comfort in the cramped box, just trying to avoid getting himself electrocuted again.

Each shock ensures my barked orders to the resentful cocksuckers are followed faster and faster, until the straight men are desperately servicing the dangling genitals, their tongues and necks aching as they work nonstop in their efforts to get the dick hard. I don't allow them to use their hands, just their mouths, and the rampant prick fills their throats, choking them.

Matthew frantically fucks the side of the box, his teeth gritted, staring unhappily ahead as his hardening dick gets closer to orgasm. I order Nick to wank the cock off, demanding they hold their faces under it, ready for the inevitable sticky climax. Nick's muscles bulge as he grimly jerks off his police partner, his face red with anger and effort, with Darren hovering miserably next to him.

The hot spunk shoots over both their faces as Matthew cums, with Darren and Nick too afraid of punishment to stop wanking him. They continue tugging the cock, dripping with hot fresh cum, milking the cop totally dry.

*** Scene 6 ***

Since originally capturing Darren, we've played a cruel cat and mouse game with him, and we now have him back as our in-house slave for a very special dinner party, Straight Hell style. And having experienced our merciless nastiness before, Darren already knows he has no choice but to submit.

In the kitchen, we strap Darren into a painful dental gag head harness, wrenching his mouth open and pulling his head back with a rope attached to a cold steel anal hook. Cuffed, nipple clamped and balls clipped to a dining trolley, and Darren's all ready to be served up to our guests...

The men literally salivate over our fine young slave. Hands pry into his helplessly open mouth, fingers delve around his hooked arse hole and tweak the ropes of his clamped balls, before smacking his taut arse cheeks.

We sweep away the plates and glasses, and I stick a dildo to the tabletop. Darren reluctantly climbs onto the table and, on his hands and knees, obeys my orders to get the cock down his throat. Sucking it with all his might, the guests leer at him as he desperately tries to get the dildo as wet as he can, knowing it's the only lube he's going to get before we force it up his arse.

The inevitable moment arrives. I order Darren to sit on the cock, and he shamefully lowers himself onto it, grunting and screaming in pain as he remembers just how agonizing it is having his straight arse stretched open by a thick, hard cock. The horny guests look on as the sweating, trembling straight boy squats up and down on the dildo, his eyes averted, his face contorted in pain.

Our mates taunt him as they watch the awkward, unwilling display, this unhappy heterosexual impaled on a plastic cock. Paul, a sadistic fucker, even reaches out and viciously twists Darren's nipple, before spitting a mouthful of wine right in his face. The horny men are getting worked up, but the party games are only just beginning...

*** Scene 7 ***

Drunk and aroused by our slave's forced fuck show, the guests have stripped off and shoved Darren to the floor to forcibly take their pleasures. Giving him no choice but to obey, we push his mouth down on each cock in turn, forcing him to give oral to these pervy strangers, passing him around like a piece of meat.

There's no respite for the humiliated, exhausted straight boy as he's shoved this way and that, sucking each cock in turn, before being forced down onto the floor on his hands and knees for Reuben to stick his throbbing cock in his arse. Spit-roasted with first Colin and then our burly, tattooed guest, Darren's helpless body sags in misery as he endures the endless nightmare of rock hard pricks thrust deep into every orifice.

Slammed back and forth between us, Darren only gets a few seconds to breathe in between each new cock filling up his gob - even our mate Hans gets a turn, the rest of us wanking over the sight of the beautiful young slave degraded by being forced to serve the lecherous old man.

Darren's ordeal has turned us all on so much that we each greedily grab at his handsome face, in order to empty our aching balls. It seems like the cum will flow forever as we shoot load after load on the straight lad's disgusted, cringing face. But sadly for Darren, our after dinner entertainment is only just beginning...

*** Scene 8 ***

With our straight fuck slave Darren as their toy for the evening, our dinner guests are feeling sadistic. Having emptied their balls, I strap the cunt to a punchbag and let them go to town. We all scrawl humiliating names over the whimpering lad, branding him things like 'CUMDOG', 'FUCKPIG' and 'STRAIGHT COCKSUCKER'. And it only gets worse for Darren, as the boxing gloves come out.

We each give the pathetic, helpless boy some hard punches in the gut. Each punch knocks the breath out of him, making him grunt in pain as he tries to recover in time for the next eager guy to take his turn. Blow after blow pounds into Darren's stomach, until he's near collapse and our mates are baying to see him in even more pain.

I stat putting some vicious pegs on the little bastard's nipples, making painful lines of pinched, tender flesh as I attach the tight clips to the sounds of his screams. Even his sensitive stomach area doesn't escape my nasty torment, as I put matching sets of pegs down his graffiti'd sides.

We brandish our floggers, preparing to swipe off the pegs with brute force. Darren pleads and whimpers, "No!" but we show no mercy - we lash the cunt with the whips over and over again, dislodging only one or two of the cruel, tight pegs with each hit. Darren screams the place down - he's never been in so much pain in his life. Every thrash of the flogger takes him to a new level of agony, until he can hardly stand.

To complete his humiliation, I put on a fuck show for the salivating crowd, hungry to see the lad's hole used after his torments. All Darren can do is hug the punchbag, unable to escape as I slam my erect cock deep into his guts and take what's mine. I hump him hard and fast, his arse hole still tight even after all the abuse we've given it. Covered in my thick white cum, Darren can only whimper in fear at what's coming next..

*** Scene 9 ***

Our guests are very much enjoying the after dinner entertainment our unhappy straight slave boy is being forced to provide. I make Darren jingle the fancy bell nipple clamps, hurting himself further in the process, too frightened to attempt resistance. His ball sack is tied excruciatingly tightly, and with Colin's hand on the rope, Darren flinches with every movement. At our command, the embarrassed boy crawls on his hands and knees on the carpet, forced to carry a tray of beer on his back and serve our guests their drinks.

Colin orders Darren to lick his shoes, mashing his face down, making sure the boy's tongue cleans every inch. With the tight, hairy arse on display, our mate shoves a finger deep into Darren's hole and finger fucks him, with every thrust pushing the lad's wincing face harder down onto the dirty shoe.

Our muscular guest Gerard is stroking his crotch as he leers at Darren's humiliation. The horny stud stands up and demands a blowjob from our straight fuckboy. At the first sign of reluctance, I grab Darren's head and impale his face on the taller man's meaty dick, and the sniveling boy is forced to suck it or choke. Gerard thrusts into Darren's mouth again and again, before pulling out and shooting a massive load all over the boy's football tattoo.

Having stroked himself to full erection at the sight of his mate using Darren like a whore, Colin bends the straight boy over the sofa and rams his massive cock deep into the boy's battered anus. Grasping his hips, the hairy brute plunges in and out of Darren's fuck hole over and over again, as Darren tries to bite back his grunts of pain at the thick penis ripping open his hole.

Colin's spunk lands all over Darren's trembling body - our hetero slave has served yet another man tonight. As our guests smoke their cigars, complimenting us on the finest after-dinner entertainment, all Darren can do is hide his head in shame.
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