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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-10-13 |
In the future, there will only exist the lazy and the poor!" This is the edict handed down to the masses who have to attempt to abide by the laws of a higher being. In the fourth installment of the revolutionary porn series The Seven Deadly Sins by All Worlds Video, director Thor Stephans explores and exploits the deadly sin of Sloth.

Throughout the video, we experience the nature of Sloth, based upon the ideological edict. It is played out in sexual fantasies, unabashedly mixing the contemporary with the ancient, in a group of tales – pun definitely intended as you'll see some of the dirtiest sex acts, including one of the industry's hottest "tails" getting exquisitely rape-fucked.

Now concentrate and think only about the lazy and the poor. (Are you still with me? Remember, this is only a porn video. But it's one of the hottest and darkest sexual mindfucks you'll see in a long time and, I guarantee you, you'll be viewing it several times.)

In a beautifully appointed and spacious room, right out of “House Beautiful”, the camera slowly pans the handsome, hunky, muscular, hirsute, dark and surly demi-god Steve Cassidy lazily spread-eagle, totally nude and well hung, across an imposing canopied king-sized bed. While pulling on his gorgeous and enormous mantool, he previews a selection of hot and horny studs of all kinds from an escort service. His choice, we discover, is Lance Gear, who Steve expects to be completely indulged and ultimately satisfied with in the total sexual game of seduction (from willing submission to unadulterated rape).

Head-shaved, tattooed, and pierced, hard rock mature leather stud Lance is granted access to not only the room but every orifice of our hero's body. It doesn't take long before Lance and Steve have turned into two wild sexual animals, getting done and also doing everything sexually to each other, from deep-throating to pulling hard at each other's equally well-endowed manmeat.

Beginning with a thoroughly hot oral session (these two obviously enjoyed each other, as evidenced by lots of deep French kissing and nipple sucking), the action quickly progresses to quite aggressive mouthfucking of Steve on Lance's incredibly adoring cock. Within minutes the duo’s sexual foreplay turns more serious and slightly rough with mutual cock sucking, ass rimming, spitting, hair pulling, ass slapping, finger fucking and verbal abuse; all these actions unleash the darkest sexual drives within these two gay male animals. In fact, their sexual encounter borders on the hottest "rape" scene of the year. The actual fucking is hot, hard and aggressive with Lance's throbbing cock, thrusting our hero's ass while the camera pans in on his face that reflects both the excruciating agony and joyous pleasure simultaneously. The camera focusing frequently on Steve's face during this fuckfest is stunningly provocative. As the viewers, we can truly share in his pain and delight in being plowed again and again.

Once the two shoot their huge cum loads, they continue their sexual activity in the shower where the roles are quickly reversed and we discover that Lance is ambidextrous enough to become as hot a bottom as he's been a top in the previous scene.

Completely exhausted and alone again after Lance's abrupt but intended departure, Steve daydreams a Bosch-Brueghel influenced folkloric tale of debauchery and sexual depravity.

Next we move from the lazy (with the clear implication that translates into the idol rich) to the poorest of the poor - a trio of merry pranksters foolishly strolling through the forest. Eventually, they arrive at the underground cave where the disenfranchised and homeless reside. Mike Radcliffe (a Goliath-like character, right out of the World Wrestling Federation), playing a drunken hobo-like character, is suddenly attacked by J.J. Bond, done up as a young and threatening, pierced, lithe, blond seducer (strangely reminiscent of the punk street banger from A Clockwork Orange) who literally rapes the filthy subterranean hobo.

It's a pretty hot scene with the punker fucking Mike (who's three to four times his physical size) non-stop until he cums all over the male rape victim. Within the context of this inferno, the sexual act of rape is logical and justified and the victim only too willing to submit to his sexual aggressor. Thus the sloth-like ambiance of the encounter and its subsequent sexual release. In the end, they both cum bucket loads of jism.

Chad Johnson emerges and wanders through the woods only to discover young and innocent-looking sexy boy Dylan Reece with a big throbbing cock that's basically exposed, full roaring hard-on and all, in a floor-length see-through caftan (the best from International Male) who has literally descended the long and impressive staircase in another beautifully-appointed living room. Lazy and seductive, Dylan and Chad enjoy a teasing foreplay with a little frottage against the sliding-glass doors.

Soon Chad has entered the room and taken the situation in hand, stroking his rockhard cock that he quickly shoves into Dylan’s mouth. Cock adoration is clearly in evidence with Dylan devouring Chad's sextool in non-stop mouth fucking and impressive sucking action.

Effortlessly, the sucking grows into hard cock grabbing and an easy ass fucking of the boyman by Chad. The sex between these two stars is stunningly beautiful and convincingly real enough to cause more than one man's sexual explosion of wet cum loads all over the designer room's floors. A final scene between the ripped Gregg and Andrew (a hotel-like scenario) rounds out the film with a torrent sixty-nine and powerfuck.

Sloth (perhaps one of the more elusive of the seven deadly sins) is both revealed and celebrated in this All Worlds release. Its greatest meaning turns into its most sexually-charged moments of laziness, debauchery, rape, poverty, depravity and, above all, sin. Worshippers of these vices will relish this porn video!
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