Eric Blaine Fucks Jarred

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DescriptionIT HAPPENED! I actually talked straight-boy big top Jarred to bottom out - and boy does he ever! All it took was the right guy I guess. We were out drinking Sunday afternoon and I brought my buddy Eric along. Well, the drunker we got the dirtier the conversation got. It came out that Jarred hadn't bottomed but had been topping a lot of other dudes. We asked Jarred why he hadn't tried bottoming yet and he said "I'm just not into it. Besides - I couldn't bottom for a guy who's smaller than me". To which Eric replied "I've seen your videos. I'm not smaller than you." Cut to 20 minutes later and we're back at my pad with a video camera and no's funny what an afternoon of Mimosa's can get a boy to do. The making out starts right away and quickly turns to some spit-lubed mutual hand jobs. They decide to skip oral sex and get right into some ass play. It's funny that straight boys won't take a dick in the mouth but they'll take one up the ass. Anyway I decide to encourage them a bit and gave them a purple dildo to use on Jarred's ass to get him warmed up. He has to jerk himself off the whole time to take it - but I was pretty surprised that he could even take the dildo up his ass. And then comes the main attraction. Eric pulls the dildo out and says "So why don't you take a real dick in your ask?". I have to say, I was wondering the same thing. Eric lays down and Jarred promptly sits down on his cock. What a pro! I was shocked he could get any in at all much less the whole thing! They decided to head into the bedroom to explore a few new positions. The first of which being my fav - doggie. Eric really gives it to Jarred and, from the looks of things, Jarred has no complaints as Eric slams into his ass. At one point Jarred stops Eric. I thought Jarred had had enough but, surprise surprise, he pulls out another dildo and hands it to Eric to use on him. I think we've converted the boy! Things really heat up when Jarred asks Eric to use another dildo on himself (I leave these kind of things laying around The two end up jerking off next to each other in bed, each with dildo's up their ass. It's not long before they can't keep in the cum with that much stimuli - Jarred shoots his load all over his ripped six pack and right after Eric drops his own load all over his own beefy torso.

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