♺ [UGCP]ƒSpecies and Chimera -スピーシーとキマイラー

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Original upload: 2015-04-28 |
Species and Chimera
Made by Underground Campaign.

It's a simulation game where you try to save a zoo from bankrupt within about 11 month, and see if you'd be intimate with any workers in the zoo.
Simulation was simple, so not so hard to play it.

You will need to change your OS to Japanese.
Or just go to system and change Unicode to Japanese for playing this game.

By the time of upload, the newest version is 2.33.
Go to http://ugcp.sakura.ne.jp/spcm/patch.html to look for the patch xp3 file, and put the xp3 file under the same directory of the exe.

2023-05-23 23:59:20
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