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362 - Rock & Bigger fuck Luchi
Jul 1/13: Our hottest furry sex couple is back. Hung businessman Bigger Bear and straight kickboxer Rock got together again to fuck, to drilling and to destroy this power bottom's ass.

364 - Rokko fucks Pekko
Jul 8/13: Muscled stud Pekko shows up for a casting interview and gets Rokko's dick up his tight hole.

366 - Andres & Benicio fuck Sebaxxx
Jul 15/13: Me and the boys went to Sebaxxx's house just to hang out but, as it usually happens when we gather together, we ended up making a hot theeesome sex video.

368 - Lodge Riders 4
Jul 22/13: Pitu was horny while he was doing some paint jobs at Lodge Riders Inn. Guest J.C. was curious and willing to suck some daddy's cock. Finally they got togheter on this daddy and son sex video.

370 - Truckers Unloading 1
Jul 29/13: Real straight married guy with cash problems returns to get fucked in his tight hole by two hung truckers. He should be gay by now. What do you think about it?

372 - Sex Massage 4
Aug 5/13: Matias Bum gets seduced by mature hairy Emilius then he drills his ass while giving him a deep and pleasant sex massage therapy.

374 - Sex in the SUV
Aug 12/13: We've planned to make a movie with Elo and Bigger Bear at Bigger's

376 - G-Boo fucks Marcio
Aug 18/13: Marcio find and takes home a big hung horny bear to have some hot hard sex.

378 - Federico Cordoba gangbanged
Aug 26/13: Our brand new club member Federico Cordoba gets dragged in extreme group sex, sucking cocks and getting fucked bareback after bareback his juicy hole was ravaged until they all orgasmed with a sticky cum explosion.

380 - Fede Bi Fucks Sebaxxx
Sep 2/13: Introducing Fede BI: This masculine mature daddy gets to play around with young bottom Sebaxxx. Gets his cock sucked and fucks the tight ass of this horny bottom.

382 - Lodge Riders 5
Sep 9/13: Emilius, Pitu and Tavo were at Lodge Riders hanging around when they immediately felt the intensity between them so they decided to get laid. Pitu and Emilius pumped Tavo s juicy hole until they all orgasmed with a sticky inside him.

384 - Benicio fucks Luca
Sep 16/13:, Young twink Luca gets fucked raw by horse hung Benicio one hot summer night in the common area of our condo.

386 - Sex at the gym
Sep 23/13: Gyms are hot. Guys working out, getting all sweaty. Grunting as they lift. Short shorts. Glimpses of muscled bods, tight asses and big cocks in the locker room. Have you hooked up at the gym?

388 - Dominic fucks Yamir
Sep 30/13: Yamir is our new Arab guy. There is Dominic teasing him and waving his dick around. How is he supposed to ignore that? He lets Domininc to puts his cock in his ass and pounds it hard.

390 - Andres & Andy fuck Hori
Oct 7/13: 2 horny dudes gets sucked by this sissy guy as they watch porn. They ended up fucking him hard once he sucked them both and got them rock hard.

392 - Sex Massage 5
Oct 14/13: Nazareno is back and this time he is willing to do anything to get some cold hard cash. We paired him with hot hairy Emilius to suck and fuck his eager cock .

394 - Dick Soccer gangbanged 2
Oct 21/13: What is your type of party? Ours It is gangbang: Cock sucking, bareback ass fucking and cum squirting all night, it is a bottom s dream come true.

396 - Bigger Bear fucks Deep Exit
Oct 28/13: Our Italian bottom businessman Deep Exit is back for more hard monster cock and rough manly sex delivered by hot hairy top Bigger Bear.

398 - Jordi Gangbanged
Nov 4/13: Our spanish cabin crew guy is back for more argentinean stick meat. Do not miss the feast.

400 - Andy Macho fucks Coki
Nov 11/13: Our chubby straight trucker Andy Macho brought us Coki, a long time sex buddy, they used to have hot and long sex sessions when Andy needed some tight and warm asshole to release his almost permanent horniness.

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