♺ Chris is a Slave Driver

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-10-26 |
Meet Chris! He is a 32 year old house painter, born in South Jersey but makes his home in Brooklyn these days. Chris is an interesting dude, he just bought a motorcycle and is really digging that. He also just bought a slave! A female slave from the fetish club he belongs to.
He has always wanted a full time slave to do the cooking/cleaning and for sexual favors. While he has never had a male one, he is open to the idea and came by us as sort of a test run.

He is a  naturally dominate guy, that was obvious from the get-go. Having a guy serve him was strange a first. It took Chris a few moments to take in what was happening while he was stroking, but then the Alpha in him came forth.
He used Trey like is was a tryout session, breaking in a slave. Trey submitted to him like he wanted to be owned by Chris. Chris got an amazing blowjob and marked Trey buy giving him a gooey facial!

While we aren't going to sell Trey to Chris (even though we got an offer), we invited him back to break in future resident cocksuckers!
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