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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2008-09-04 | unknown uploader |

Here it is, my fellow porn-hounds - the very first four-star-worthy Power Boys flick! It only took ’em ten tries to get it right, and some of the technical aspects are still a bit dodgy, but this one’s sure to put a ten-gallon boner in the seat of your fiery pants.

But first, a slap on the knob for the graphic design dork who listed ten erroneous names out of eleven on the otherwise slick cover.

Needless to say, all this misnomer confusion made me feel that much more distant from the already anonymous twinkie bonkers within. Happily, we all can relate to their sex [hyper]drives.

We begin with two lean gym hunks spanking each other’s ass cheeks, making out, and rubbing their big uncut cocks together. Not only does this scene warrant a size queen alert, but these boys are voracious cocksuckers (hallelujah!), working fiercely with the ball-tugging, high-suction, face-fucking, throat-cramming sloppy slurping action. Way to go, boys! Hopefully some other orally talentless twinks in the S.E.V.P. stable – and you all know who you are – well, hopefully they’re all watching this scene and boning up on their blowjobbing technique right now.

With ass cheeks spread wide for the camera, Twink #1 lovingly spit-shines Twink #2’s pucker spot. After #1 tests its clench with a spit-lubed finger, he inserts the full length of his enormous shaft into #2’s craving rectum. Without a rubber. After it’s been up his ass from three different angles, #2 sucks on it some more. Spurt, spurt, taste, taste, slurp, slurp.

Next up we have two boys in a shower, lathering and slurping and rimming and fucking (with rubbers). Curiously, it’s the dark-haired twink with the thick noodle who bottoms. Both slurp each other dry, leaving their faces gooey with each other’s jism.

Afterwards, a sleeping cutie with a dark buzz cut is awoken by his sexy long-haired buddy. Hair Boy gives Buzz a back massage, and then proceeds to give him a cock massage with his tonsils. (Message to Longshanks: nice oral action!) After some sixty-nining and finger probing, Buzz Boy rowdily (and rawly) ass-slams his big-mane’d bitch buddy. For dessert: mutual face glazings.

Next, two boyfriends and a photographer become a threesome. The tall, lanky goatee’d dude is plumply hung, and his lover and the Camera Boy both share shaft-licking chores. Goatee Boy plows both guys sans latex… and in one seemingly uninterrupted take, uncorks his cock from Camera Boy’s anal aperture and shoves it directly into Boyfriend’s bodacious bum. That’s gotta be among the more brazen acts yet depicted in the Power Boys series. A three-way semen tasting session concludes the sequence.

Finally, we espy a hottie in the kitchen doing some dishes (using “Fairy” brand detergent, no less!) when in walks a dark-haired, dark-browed even-more-hottie and promptly drops to his knees to suck Fairy Boy’s unleashed and very-heavily-hung trouser-snake-in-a-turtleneck.

Somewhere, a horse neighs excitedly. Both dreamboys are slightly – deliciously - hairy. And, unlike most of the Power Boys, they look at least a few months older than eighteen years.

Well Hung Fairy Boy treats himself to a slurpy rim of Darkie’s freshly-shaved hole, fingers it, and then ultimately shoves in his plump snake (wrapped in rubber). Ever the versatile fuck machines, Fairy Boy removes his giant tool from Dark Brow’s bottom and flips to take a bouncy seat on his buddy’s latex-covered tool. Fairy Boy gets the last pound though, plowing Dark Brow atop the kitchen counter before spraying his face with a jet of boy juice (and, naturally, receiving with great appreciation a similarly salty payload from him in return).

The barely audible, heavily accented English is typical, as are the occasional (but, remarkably, far-less-frequent) focus snafus and editing hiccups. Other than these quirks (and the bungled cast list on the box), I must commend S.E.V.P. for finally cranking out something worthy of a four star rating. It’s got less to do with the fact that these delicious hotties are increasingly well hung and more to do with the perceived chemistry between the pairings (and trios). Okay, maybe the big dick thing factors into it more than I realize but, overall, Power Boys 10 is definitely a noticeable improvement over most of the single-digit installments. Appropriately, there’s more of a balance bewteen the sheathed and the unsheathed, too. (Incidentally, I wonder how S.E.V.P.’s plans for future inclusion of a barebacking PSA are going.)

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