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HardBritLads - Neil Stevens & James Dixon

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1. HardBritLads - Neil Stevens & James Dixon.mp4
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Description - Hung Dad Fucks Hung Lad in this scorcher as handsome muscle stud Neil Stevens puts young newbie James Dixon through his paces in his very first sex scene, featuring muscle worship, huge dicks, deep fucking in 3 positions, climaxing with Neil spunking his load into James mouth... Both guys have huge uncut 8.5 inch cocks, James is extra thick too. And for the first time Neil sucks dick.. A dick that big is too good to not get some attention.. We begin with some hot muscle worship, with James rubbing oil into Neils spectacular body, paying attention to his big hard pecs and biceps, then oiling up his ripped abs. James starts licking and sucking on Neils nipples, and rubbing the growing bulge in Neils shiny sport shorts, which quickly gets solid as a rock. James drops to his knees and peels down Neils shorts, massaging the huge bulge in his white boxers, before pulling them down, letting his thick uncut meat spring out. James takes hold of it and starts licking and sucking on the end, getting it nice and wet, then gets into a good rhythm, sucking deeper. With his own dick now straining to get out, he releases it from his shorts as he sucks, and this is one seriously thick cock with plenty of foreskin too. He plays with it as Neil starts fucking his mouth. HOT. James stands up and rubs their cocks together, some hot foreskin action, then Neil gets down on his knees, and jerks off Jamess fat meaty prick, before taking it in his mouth to suck it. Neil is a gay for pay dude, and doesnt normally suck, but this dick is way too good not to get some attention, so with some persuasion, we managed to get him to suck.. And the man does good, spitting on it, sucking on it, jerking him off, keeping that thick dick so hard it throbs.. what a sight. Neil leans back on the sofa to get sucked once more, and James lays on his side next to him to get that big hard dick back into his throat. Neil is more forceful this time, gripping his head and fucking his mouth hard. Eager to get that cock inside him, James lays on his back with his legs apart to get his arse played with. Neil spits on his hole, rubbing the spit in, then slides his finger in gently to open him up. With his fat meat throbbing, Neil jerks him off with one hard while sliding his finger in and out of his tight hairless hole with the other. Since Neils dick is really big, bigger than James is used to, he starts off by sitting on it, facing us, and gradually takes it big by bit, till its all the way in.. Slowly he starts lifting himself up and down Neils stiff cock, making Neil moan with pleasure, and as he gets used to it, he speeds up, and starts riding it well.. Then Neil grips his arse, holding him up, and starts thrusting into him.. Some very horny low angle shots here. Next, James leans against the sofa, legs apart, and Neil stands behind him. He pushes his dick back into Jamess hole, goes in a bit easer this time, and quickly gets into some very hot action, with great underneath shots as he slides his big fuck pole in and out. He grips James firmly now and starts to fuck him harder, banging his dick into his arse till he cant take any more. James is on his back for the last position, with Neil on his knees, and he rubs his cock against Jamess hole for a bit, teasing him with it, before pushing it in. James pulls his legs wide apart, giving us a really hot graphic shot as Neil starts sliding his dick in and out of that hot hungry hole. He starts to fuck a little harder, but keeps it controlled showing plenty of length. He starts to fuck harder now, and by this point, James is throbbing and ready to shoot… Neil keeps fucking him and keeping him on the edge… For a super hot climax James gets on his knees to bring Neil off, sucking his cock and jerking him off.. Its too horny for James to hold off himself tho, and as Neil fucks his mouth, James shoots a really strong load, with a big thick jet shooting high into the air, followed by several more.. He squeezes out a few more drops of sticky juice, then jerks Neil off hard and fast adding loads of spit, he sticks his tongue out to taste muscle daddys load, and in a matter of seconds, Neil is shooting his thick white jizz onto Jamess tongue and into his mouth… James licks the remaining drops from Neils thick heavy meat as they catch their breath.                       

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