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Eli Black vs Diego Diaz

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DescriptionWhen Eli first showed up a year ago, he had big plans for bringing the best and brightest at BG East to their knees. However, his very first opponent, Morgan "The Mastodon" Cruise, had plans of his own. The brutal humbling that Eli suffered in Gut Bash 9 bruised his massive ego even more than his tenderized abs. After that inauspicious debut, Eli has been unleashing a devastating arsenal of amateur wrestling and MMA skills on opponent after opponent, leaving a path of destruction behind him. But that Gut Bash 9 humbling, in which The Mastodon pounded Eli's signature abs into jelly, has continued to haunt him. Back for honor and satisfaction in Gut Bash 10, he's ramped up his already phenomenal conditioning, honing his armored core into nothing short of a wall of steel. Now he's ready to exorcise that ghost with a new finality.

Big Diego's career trajectory at BG East has been quite different. He showed up with a tunnel-vision focus on destroying the handsome hunk Austin Cooper, and Diego did precisely that, owning Austin on Florida Fights 4. Since that impressive debut, however, Diego has been persistently stunned by BGE boys who bring his towering, powerful body to its knees. At 6'3", Diego is unaccustomed to be on the receiving end of humiliation and he's determined to reassert his position as the long, tall, above-it-all master of the BGE ring. His shaggy head of hair and beautiful pecs made Diego an instant fan favorite, but his long, lean, sculpted six-pack abs have never looked more ready for a gut bash challenge.

Diego reaches the ring first, stretching out his long, lovely body as he waits for his opponent. When Eli strolls in and perches on the top turnbuckle, it might be understandable that Diego mistakes him for the "waterboy" rather than his opponent. The Latino hunk is an astonishing 9 inches taller and no less than 50 pounds heavier than the lean, mean fighting machine strapping on sparring gloves in the corner. "What are you doing there, kid?" Diego asks. "There's going to be a fight here, a big man's fight here, anytime soon, so you better stay away. You don't want to get yourself hurt, you know?" When Eli introduces himself as Diego's opponent, the tall hunk doubles over with laughter. "You gotta be kidding me, right!? Look at this guy's size!"

Irked, Eli stands up, his feet planted on the middle ropes, and snarls back, "I'm pretty sure I'm the one looking down at you!" Truth be told, even from that vantage the lightweight MMA fighter is just a fraction taller than his Latino opponent. It doesn't really matter, though, once Diego suddenly shoots a fist into Eli's legendary 8-pack, hoists him off the ropes with a gorilla press and then slams him halfway across the ring!Eli Black fans will not be surprised to learn that Gut Bash 10 does not end fast, and it's far from easy for either of these determined battlers, both with something to prove. Diego takes advantage of the significant height and weight difference to bully Eli around the ring, scooping him up and slamming him repeatedly into the mat, pulverizing Eli's steel armored core with a hurricane of stomps and fists. Eli's stellar abs have never looked so defined or so candy-apple red as Diego's brutal assault rains down from on high. With his incredible reach, towering height and powerful muscles, the giant Latino leaves Eli no place to hide, wiping every corner of the ring with his young stunned opponent.

Of course, it's never a safe bet to count Eli out too soon. When Diego sends him sprinting across the ring, Eli does an acrobatic handstand that bounces him off the ropes and flying into a brutal kick that stuns the tall Latino. Suddenly, Eli's MMA training kicks into overdrive, and the barrage of lightning fast knees, kicks, and punches starts to soften up his cocky opponent. The sound of the vicious strikes are stunning to hear, echoing off the arena walls as Diego gets thrown off his game and completely stymied by the blinding speed of Eli's rapid fire gut strikes. Our tall latino star is literally stunned and startled.

On paper, these two might not have appeared so evenly matched, but Eli's astounding speed, determination and combination strikes are every bit a legitimate equalizer to Diego's awesome advantage in size and strength. And let's face it, the egos on these two studs are both simply mammoth! Head to head, strength to strength, they batter each other with their best weapons of corporal punishment. A gut-punch blow-for-blow challenge wears them both down but can't quite tip either hunk over the edge. It looks like a stalemate, as they trade astonished submissions and match momentum, until one overwhelmed hunk finally can't rally momentum back to his side.

Winged and suddenly dangerously vulnerable, the assault that this stunned stud suffers is one of the most vicious in BG East history. Torture in the ropes, laid out helpless in a tree of woe, these traditional means of ring annihilation don't go far enough to satisfy the swelling rage of the victor. Exercise equipment is enlisted as battering rams, breaking down the loser's core. A gut bashing with both a dumbbell and a medicine ball leave one of these cocky studs quivering and destroyed. One of the best belly focused battles ever!
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