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DescriptionHandsome Elder Sorensen hasn’t been a missionary long, but he has learned quickly that a Mormon mission can be a very political place.

And he’s also learned that a Mormon boy’s body is often the best tool he has at his disposal!

The missionaries are all subject to the leadership of the men who direct the organization broadly (bishops, stake presidents, general authorities, etc), as well as priesthood leaders who oversee their work directly, like the mission president himself.

But there is also a clear power structure among the boys themselves. And the boys are very sensitive to their place in this hierarchy, and they’re eager to advance by gaining whatever power and authority they can.

The Mission President hands out leadership positions to the boys he likes best, so missionaries are eager to please him.

The hierarchy works like this: In every pair of missionaries, one is the junior companion and the other is the senior companion. When the two have to make decisions together, the junior companion has to defer to the senior companion’s wishes.

But there’s more.

Missionaries are divided into districts, presided over by a district leader, and several districts make up a zone, which is run by a Zone Leader. At the very top of the hierarchy among the boys are the Assistants to the President (aka AP).

The other missionaries all look up to them, take direction or orders from them, and do their best to impress them…hoping at some point to become AP as well.

Needless to say, wherever 19 year old boys are involved, sex is always in the mix. And the purest of Mormon boys are not above using their beautiful young bodies, their hard dicks and their hungry holes to advance themselves within the mission or get what they want.

But this isn’t the only reason that newbie Elder Sorensen wants to get the Assistant to the President alone. He has also heard a rumor that the AP, Elder Miller, also has an amazing body and a voracious sexual appetite.

He doesn’t have a lot to say, and the older boy’s reticence turns Elder Sorensen on. But what can he do to impress him?

Lucky for Elder Sorensen, The Order had tasked Elder Miller with investigating the boy to see if he is a good candidate for initiation.

The two boys met at the stake center, and Elder Sorensen didn’t try to hide his excitement when Elder Miller propositioned him.

Just like that Elder Sorensen was pleased to realize he would be getting lucky.

And the AP’s body didn’t disappoint. Turns out Elder Miller is even more ripped than Sorensen imagined, and when he turns his back to the boy and asks to get fucked, Elder Sorensen is only too happy to comply.

He wants to fuck a big load out of the AP, and the thought that he will also get a little more power over the other boys as a result only heightens his arousal.
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