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Elder Dudley & Elder Ence - Companionship Inventory

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DescriptionShy but gorgeous Elder Dudley has had intense feelings for Elder Ence. And these feelings have been slowly building for weeks, to the point where now the feelings are unmistakably a crush!

Before his mission Elder Dudley had a girlfriend at his farewell. She was there with his family when he went into the MTC, but a few months later she Dear John’d him with no explanation.

A few days after he got dumped, he was recruited by the Brethren of The Order. Since then he’s started having new and strange feelings. He even had a vivid dream where he and Elder Ence got married.

Because Dudley has been a dutiful initiate, his mission president, a presiding authority in The Order gave the boy the option of choosing his mission companion at transfers. Naturally, Dudley jumped at the chance to request Elder Ence.

Ence, on the other hand, isn’t doing as well. After confessing to a series of pranks that he had orchestrated in his district in the Missionary Training Center, he was in pretty hot water when he did something similar in the mission field.

The mission president was debating sending the boy home for his behavior. But there is a chance Dudley’s good behavior will rub off on the blonde rule breaker.

Both boys dutifully read their scriptures, before falling asleep. But, Ence is cold all alone in his bed and sees an excuse to get Dudley to join him in bed. Dudley wants the same thing, but doesn’t want to seem too eager. He reminds his crush that sharing a bed is not something companions are ever allowed to do. Elder Ence teases Elder Dudley with his sly, beautiful smile and promises him that it’s only about keeping warm.

Why would God be mad at them for doing something practical? That had to be the lamest line ever, but Elder Dudley’s heart begins to race. He wanted the other boy to make the first move, and things were working out nicely.

Ence on the other hand is extra excited, because he thinks he is about to convince this innocent boy to do something sinful. Not only is he wrong, but he is about to give Dudley the opportunity to be close to the boy he loves.

When Ence slips his young, tight body under the covers, Elder Dudley hopes that the boy won’t be scared off by his hard dick straining against his sacred underwear. Dudley shyly whispers that Ence is starting to heat him up, and Ence says he’s had that effect on people before.

Dudley acts shocked and asks the blonde if he’s ever been in bed with anyone else, but Ence softly reassures him that, though he wanted to be with his past companion, he couldn’t keep a secret like Elder Dudley can.

Elder Dudley is flattered and excited that his crush trusts him and eagerly promises he’ll never tell. But it’s hard to speak with Ence’s hardness pushing against his backside and his full, soft lips so close to his.

When Ence goes in for a kiss, Dudley can barely believe his luck. The boys tongues hungrily fill each other’s mouths. Ence whispers that they should take their clothes off. Dudley’s dick throbs as he watches Ence’s smooth hot body appear before him.

He aches for his companion but he is nervous about going too fast. Dudley needn’t worry, though, as Ence immediately wraps his lips around Dudley’s hot 18 year old cock and takes it all the way to the back of his throat.

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