MSR Sex in the City (2000)

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DescriptionMSR-Sex in the City (2000)

Cast:  Matt Bradshaw, Eric Hanson, York Powers, Andrew Addams, Matt Majors, Patrick Allen, Eddie Moreno, Mark Reed, Mauro Pelle
Director:  Tony Alizzi, Jack Francis
Country:  US
Length: 1 hr 50 min
Size: 1,89GB
Year: 2000

The studio that brought us Don't Ask, Don't Tell! (one of our faves) unleashes one with a decidedly riotous twist: The couture-laden (and sluttishly fabulous) girls from the HBO hit series get a makeover of a different kind - they all now have megacocks, megamuscles and megabutch attitudes!

Gentleman, start your genitals - this shit is hot! Sex in the City takes the hormone-soaked HBO series and gives it a coat of testosterone and a West Coast setting. Instead of four intimacy-challenged vamps, we get four porn industry megastuds looking for love in all the wrong hotel rooms. As the film opens, the four bitches are slinging witty barbs at each other and recanting the various romantic ways they spent Valentine’s Day.

First up is Addams, who picks up a trick in a park (Moreno) and wastes no time getting busy. Addams is an attractive thirtysomething with a nice bod and an above average pickle. Moreno is a rough looking chap with a moustache, tattoos and a similarly sized member. This scene is pure porn perfection. Addams attacks Moreno’s tool as if it’s the last penis he’ll ever see. This noisy slobberfest is enhanced by Moreno’s potty mouth and Addams sheer sluttiness. Moreno sucks Addams for a bit, but it isn’t long before Addams is doing all the work again, hungrily devouring Moreno’s smooth rosebud. Addams ends up getting a horsy ride on Moreno’s stalk, which penetrates him in a couple of positions. Bravo!

Next, uberslut Powers recalls his thoroughly unromantic dungeon exploits. Powers, drunk and clad in leather, throws his buddy Reed (grizzled, Italian-looking, hairy) in a sling and does a variety of undignified things to him. After forcing Reed to suck his ample meat, Powers rams a colossal dildo up his poop chute, causing Reed to moan and bray like a lame burro. Reed is then released from the sling and tied to a post, where he services Powers’ pee-pee and butt. After that, it’s back to the sling for more power-shtupping, the climax of which is Powers’ money shot on Reed’s chest.
It’s roses and soft music for the next scene, a vanilla flavored coupling between Hanson (black hair, gorgeous face, smooth) and his off-the-boat boyfriend Pelle (stocky, fuzzy, bi-lingual). Pelle hooves Hanson for what seems like a small eternity, before Hanson shows Pelle how much he loves him by ramming his bloated shank up his boyfriend’s shithole. Pelle coos in Italian as Hanson’s stiffie repeatedly jabs him. Who says romance is dead?
The final scene is the perfect ending to a practically perfect film. The scene opens with a very lengthy (!) cock-gobblin’. The sucker in question is Allen, who somehow manages to nearly digest Majors’ humongous dork without getting lockjaw. The desire in this scene is enough to peel the paint off the walls. Allen is a cock-hungry minx, and he licks sucks and swallows Majors’ schlong until Bradshaw barges in spoils their fun. Bradshaw then picks up where Allen left off, and the two men feed on each other’s mammoth tools and winking rosettes like crazy people. Bradshaw ends up getting reamed by Majors’ studpole, which brings him to an impressive climax. As with all the other scenes, high energy and a palpable horniness abound


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