Boys Trip Part 1, 2 and 3 - masqualin

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Chad Taylor & Rikk York – Boys Trip Part 1
Long time friends Jay Seabrook, Johhny Hunter, Chad Taylor, and Rikk York are going up for an annual cottage fun weekend. ATVing, hot tubbing, and of course partying are all intended, but some of these bros have secrets, and it seems as though the walls are about to talk. Rikk and Chad rekindle a secret fling as soon as they get a moment alone.

Jay Seabrook and Johnny Hunter – Boys Trip, Part 2
Unbeknownst to Chad Taylor and Rikk York, Jay Seabrook and Johnny Hunter, the other two hunks on the boy’s trip, are also looking for some time alone. It seems as though the secret flings are more popular than they thought. After a quick dip in the lake, they head to the hot tub, assuming Chad and Rikk are busy with the cooking. Jay is dying to get into Johnny’s tight ass and breed him like the secret slut he is!

Jay Seabrook, Chad Taylor, Rikk York & Johnny Hunter - Boys Trip Part 3
We all miss getting out of the house and enjoying a good time with the boys! Jay Seabrook, Johnny Hunter, Chad Taylor, and Rikk York manage to get away for the weekend – and things heat up when old memories and new curiosities land them all in an intense bareback foursome and lucky pierre!
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