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Dragon Media - Joe Gage Sex Files 06 - Ex-Military

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Description¬ďJoe Gage Sex Files Vol. #6: Ex-Military¬Ē

(Dragon Media Corporation)

Web: http://www.RayDragonVideo.com
Web: http://www.JoeGage.com

Director: Joe Gage a.k.a. Mac Larson ( http://JoeGage.com )


Colby Keller ( http://bigshoediaries.blogspot.com )
Josh Gingerson
David Chase ( http://smutjunkies.com/profiles/c/e_stars/Chase_David )
Ben Stone ( http://smutjunkies.com/profiles/s/t_stars/Stone_Ben )
Luke Piersol
Sami Damo ( http://smutjunkies.com/profiles/d/a_stars/Damo_Sami )
Tony Bay
Rodney Steele ( http://smutjunkies.com/profiles/s/t_stars/Steele_Rodney )
Joe Sarge ( http://masseurfinder.com/members/joesarge.shtml )

Horny ex-soldiers who still like wearing all or part of their uniforms provide plenty of uniform fetish material in this piece by director Joe Gage, who always manages to find a new approach to a familiar theme.

In the opener, two horny dudes drop their shorts and jerk off watching each other after one catches the other checking out gay porn on the Internet. Both dudes are hugely hung (one like a horse), and the intensity they create while standing several feet apart rivals that usually seen in scenes where the studs are a lot closer together.

In the next scene, two vets are reminiscing when one tells about barracks sex he had in Fallujah (and which has also made its way to YouTube, he says). By the time they are joined by a third stud, the first two are already engaging in blowjobs, which pretty quickly turns into fucking. The third guy in the room jerks his dick as he watches, eventually cumming on the bottom stud. The top in the scene blows the biggest load, though, a real drencher.

The next couple of studs get together after one takes a shower at the other’s apartment. Sucking, rimming, and ass smacking ensue, followed quickly by one fucking the other in bed. It’s a raucous fuck that turns versatile later, and it ends with the first top in the scene cranking out a massive load. Then the other stud gives the first a big facial while he’s getting his ass finger-fucked.

The remainder of the flick is one sensational orgy. The premise is that one stud gets paid for sex on camera, so that the others in the room can make their video shooting skills better ¬ó well, eventually there are other shooting skills involved too.

After a few practice body shots, the dude gets all the way naked, which reveals he’s hard inside his boxers. By this time, every other stud in the room is excited, and pretty soon everyone’s iPhone is in use. Sucking and fucking are on the agenda, with every dude in the room taking the paid participant’s ass, and it’s fucking hot watching them work him into a cum-shot that is over-the-moon hot.

It’s far from over at that point — not every stud in the room has gotten his rocks off yet, and there are open-mouthed cum-shots, ass-fucking, and a circle-suck still to come. A big highlight of this orgy is when the paid guy sits on a dildo while taking cock after cock in his mouth.

Awesome sex, and a really fine directing effort from master Joe Gage make this one a true winner.
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