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♺ StraightHell - Hasad Bonus

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-08-25 |
These three videos are shorter than the usual straighthell videos as they are a bonus set.

Scene 1 :

BONUS SCENE - Hasad - Strip.
A broke straight footballer is humiliated for cash...

I picked up this sultry Turkish lad down at Mile End Stadium - he was at his football training. I couldn't resist Hasad's exotic looks, and his designer gear told me he had expensive tastes - although he looked a bit down on his luck.

To cut a long story short, I persuaded the once proud straight boy to allow himself to be stripped and spanked.
What I didn't tell him was that all my mates would be watching too.

Pissed off he may be, but he just can't afford to turn down the money. The resulting humiliation is etched on his face for all to see, as I roughly yank down his pants and handcuff him.

Scene 2 :

BONUS SCENE - Hasad - Spanking.
An embarrasing arse display and hard thrashing with my strap.

Hasad hadn't anticipated his arse being spread open to be intimately examined by five older men. The anger and shame he feels is evident.

Our hairy Turkish victim is one of those lads who try to take pain like a man. Don't flinch, don't cry out. It's a delicious challenge hitting this kind of guy harder and harder until he breaks down and screams.

After a few blows, an involuntary expression of agony creeps over Hasad's previously impassive face. Feeling his trembling arse, it's burning hot - and the tears glistening on his cheeks show just how much it hurts.

Scene 3 :

BONUS SCENE - Hasad - 3.
What will he do for a few more coins?

Hasad can't wait to escape after his traumatic spanking ordeal, and he's looking around for his scattered clothes as my sniggering guests make their way out.

But when he sees how little I intend to pay him for his pains, Hasad's face falls. He begs me for a bit more money, just a few quid. So I demand he puts on a show for me - a spread legged, naked wank.

I want to see his cock nice and hard, his fist pumping, his face at the moment of climax, his thick ropes of cum. All those intimate moments that straight boys would never let another man see.

And with grim determination, Hasad has no choice but to comply - knowing this sexual humiliation is going to be preserved forever on video...
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