Powermen Pack - Jamal, Leon, & Tool

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DescriptionPowerMen Pack - Jamel, Leon & Tool.

Jamel Jamero - The Alpha Male Jamel

Jamero is that kind of guy mothers always warn their daughters about, usually because they both want him. Jamel is a real bad boy who does not waste much time with foreplay. Jamel works as an exotic dancer in front of screaming girls. To extend those screams he does not hesitate to spread pleasure on an individual base. The men are ready for a ride. They all want the same thing. Jamel knows it and delivers. Jamel loves to give back what Mother Nature blessed him with. Are you ready?

Leon Jackson - He is So Cool!

Taking it real for a moment, it's the Leon Jackson class and style that ups the muscle game. He's so deck - this dude makes muscle cool again - he's got the frame, he's got the sweep, he's got the scope, he's got the moves. And we know. We follow these big dudes around all the time waiting for them to show their piece and do something different. With Leon, everything's mellow, everything's cool. For the best in muscle barbecue, latch on to Leon.

Tool - Seeing is Believing

If it had been up to us, we would have given New LMS muscleman Tool a different stage name: 'Pole Axe' comes to mind. This rough-edged club dancer proudly sports the biggest member we have seen in a long time - is it 14 inches? More? (There's an urban legend that Mr. Tool is required by law to carry two passports.) In muscleman Tool's PM debut, he pumps up his Muscle of Love in the dressing room before hitting the stage, followed immediately after by a private show. We have even graciously supplied lots of HD video closeups for your viewing pleasure. See for yourself.

Note from uploader:

These are all solo performances.

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