Jackson Lawless - Spencer Reed - Josh West - Scott Upton - They Cum From Outer Space

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They Cum from Outer Space - Part 1 HD

Jackson Lawless is hiking along and a bright light stops him in his track. Jackson hears a man screaming while humanoid shapes move about in the bright light. He yells for them to stop and the bright light engulfs him. Bound and helpless, Jackson witnesses the aliens extract semen from the screaming stud. They drain him dry and move towards Jackson. He endures the horrific anal probe and fisting. They take turns fucking him and give him a double penetration that's out of this world.

BoundGods -2011-12-22 - Jackson Lawless , Spencer Reed , Josh West , Reed Mathews and Scott Upton.

Runtime: 53 minutes.  Res. 1280x720
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