TickledHard - Trevor S

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DescriptionSweet, young Trevor has never been tied up and tickled before, but it's obvious right off the bat that he loves the whole experience. He twists and pulls away, but the tickling is total pleasure for him. Franco toys with Trevor's nipples and sides as he flinches and squirms, with both of them learning where the tickling hits best. Trevor doesn't want to like it, but he can't help himself... He can't fight his love for the tickling ecstasy! Now Franco's slave, Trevor can't resist when Franco pulls down his underwear and moves to his size 9 bare feet. He tells Franco to stop, but does he really mean it? Trevor is enjoying this a little too much! Like the torturous big brother he is, Franco finds all of Trevor's most ticklish spots, from Trevor's feet to his knees and all the way up his body. But what will feathers do to this ticklish young thing? Boys will be boys, and in the end, only an unfair tickle attack will do. Or is it the end? Franco goes back to tickling Trevor's feet with his tongue before freestyle tickling him, and finally stringing up his victim for a few last tickling treats.
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