Straight Hell / Breeder Fuckers Guys Whose Names Begin with J

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DescriptionJack, Jaime, Joel, Johan, John, Jon, Jordan, Joseph and Josh!  As I've been going through this collecting and finding files that don't work and replacing them, and trying to make each guy's section as complete as possible, I've been sharing them.  You can download them all or parts you don't have.  I was surprised at how many favourites begin with J.  Jack's a young football player -one of the youngest of the Straight Hell / Breeder Fucker "victims' - completely gorgeous.  This set includes #3 which is often a dud in some sets, or mislabled as "charlie" or "mario."  This has all five parts.  Jaime is my favourite.  Find him also in Brutal Tops.  This includes his audition.  Joel has an interesting backstory here, not least because he's tied up with his friend and the two straight guys are forced to have at each other.  John (this has all 9 clips) is lovely, angry, pissed off.  The struggling of John, Jaime and Jack are all really great.  Jon used to be my favourite before Jaime came along.  He plays a newly released from prison guy taken in by these good folks in their white short sleeved shirts who then give him a bath and...  one thing leads to another.  Jordan is a pimp and the guys show him what it's like to be done to.  Joseph is a beautiful black athlete, horrified to find himself at the mercy of these guys who...  attach a bowling ball to his nuts.  Josh's charm is that he's just so next-door-neighbourly and hapless.  Enjoy. 

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