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Brother Hustlers 1989 avi

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DescriptionBrother Hustlers

Cast:  Brett Williams, Danny Ozmond, Clark Adams, Timothy James, Steven James, Steve Ross, Geoffrey Spears, Peter Flickenger

Director:  Jack Marshall

Length: 1 hr 43 min

Year: 1989

Studio :  HIS Video

"The resemblance is more than skin deep! When money is no object... when only the best will do.... when pleasure is the ultimate goal... turn to Brother Hustlers. Two sexy siblings and a stable of studs are guaranteed to satisfy even the deepest cravings."

3 Reasons To buy this film
• With its eye-popping cavalcade of '80s fashion excess, you may end up watching their outfits rather than the hot man sex.
• And check out the hi-rise Pumas, all that chest hair and '80s tan lines.
• Luckily, hot men having equally hot sex with each other is timeless.



Frighteningly-dated clothes coupled with some good sex scenes equals a decent night's escape from the usual fare. Two brothers need a supplement to their allowance, so they sell themselves on the gritty streets of West Hollywood. (I guess the family that lays together, stays together, right?) The bad (or unintentionally funny) news: The horrific clothes these dudes dud themselves up in made me sick from the second the video started; I couldn't stop staring at them in disbelief. The good news: There's some great ass-eating and some perfectly shot spooge-shots, not to mention the presence of some very natural, hairy dudes. Best scene: the "brothers" teach each other aspects of the hustling biz, ending in a wild facial cum landing, with one brother licking the other one clean. Fans of trade, incest, bad 80s clothes and major hair-dont's - this one's for you.

-- Keeneye Reeves



Oh, Hustler Brothers, how difficult you make life for a hard-working gay porn reviewer. I'd like to preface this (for those who don't already know) by saying that this film was originally shot in 1989, and as such, as seen numerous releases and re-releases in various formats over the years. However, that's no reason to get sloppy or lazy, and it seems that's exactly what someone has done.

First though, let's handle the good stuff: Geoffrey "the College Boy" Spears is hot beyond words, and that's even when I judge by today's standards. From the second that he's shown marching toward his "client's" door with a giant bulge in his tight jeans, I was hooked. Another plus is a fella by the name of Steve Ross. The younger guys are definitely the hotter ones, Steve is included in that statement, and they also seem to shy away from the awful haircuts that Keeneye mentions in the review above. And the action is pretty decent too, lots of thick, long generally pleasing-to-the-eye cocks that stay hard (it's like there was something in the water back then), and some hard-on inspiring deep throats that I personally really enjoyed. However...

The bad: The title and back cover of the current release would lead a man to believe that a Hustler Brothers hook-up would be included. Such is not the case. We've got three escort hook-ups here, and one twinky-looking gentleman who's auditioning for the boss to become an escort himself. While trying to decipher the cast, it occurred to me that the only two guys who share a last name, Steven James and Timothy James, are not real-life brothers and do not meet for any kind of sexual action whatsoever on screen. Then, to complicate things even further, a breeze through the included gallery of action shots reveals that roughly half of the included photos are of hook-ups and cumshots that don't take place in the film. I don't know who dropped the ball here but someone clearly did, and now it's rolling the fuck away.

I wanted so badly to give this film a better write-up. I was digging the retro look of some of the guys and felt that little pull during some of the better action scenes, but as a perfectionist that appreciates things being well-organized, I simply cannot tolerate the disorganization that I've seen. However, for non-perfectionists and non-reviewers, it might be worth a go. I won't hold it against you.

P.S. There's a portion of scene three which includes a young man (Danny Osmond) having his asshole shaved. I didn't know whether to list that under the "good" or the "bad" portion above, as I'm sure it could fall on either side of the fence for many of you. I know how freaky you freaks can be, so if that's your thing, all the more reason to jump right in.

-- J.D. Luvdacock

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