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Jean Daniel Cadinot Library 2 (3 Videos)

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Description1)Cadinot Hot On The Trail : "You're invited to get back to nature with at troop of young men who learn how to use what nature gave them in Hot on the Trail. A troop of eight young men hike deep into the forest for an exciting contest in woodland skills. They divide up into two teams, the 'reds' and the 'blues,' and each follows a different route to see which team can find the hidden treasure and win the contest. These guys can't wait to share their own big swollen treasures with their buddies and a few lucky locals, including a hunter with a big gun, a fisherman with a long pole, plus two farmhands with very heavy loads. Hot on the Trail simply put is a magnificent testimony to the creative genius of the man the world knows as Cadinot."

Cast:  Denis Beauvais, David DiLorenzo, Dominique Mendez, Serge Laurent, Christian Bridou, Frank Harnault, Didier Hamel, Frederic Sens, Pascal Duvet, Patrick Martel, Frederic LeMaire, Kevin Kellogs, Mark Sink

Director:  Jean-Daniel Cadinot

Country:  France

Length: 1 hr 34 min

Year: 1984

A.K.A.: Le Jeu de Pistes

Studio :  Cadinot / French Art

2) Cadinot Le Disir en Ballade : Sexy traveller Gilles Barthelemy wanders into a rich country estate and spirits away the cutest boy on the premises, Jean Francois Chambon, for a series of sexual adventures in the surrounding countryside.Chambon, as the rich teenager with a pedigree in butt fucking, steals the film. In his first scene, he is dressed in tennis whites ready for a game with his brother. However he sneaks back to the house for a session with the groundskeeper in the cellar in which Chambon cums an amazing three times.Another highlight is the rape of a young male kitchen worker with a basket of fresh vegetables. Hints of British-style homoeroticism eminate from the country house setting. Non-stop action in one of Cadinot's best!

Actor: Gilles Barthelemy, Jean-Francois Chambon, Elyes Ardini, Assan Ariana, Marco Tazzio, Jean-Francois Beaufort, Bruno de Walberg, Claude Busoli, Jean-Jacques Elineau, Angelo Despaz
Director: Jean Daniel Cadinot
Language: French
Studio: Cadinot
Country: France
Ref# 04773D
Format: NTSC

3) Cadinot Le Garcon Pres De La Piscine : This delightfully simple yet sexy film falls into the pantheon of "sweet" films from director Jean-Daniel Cadinot, who's been known to get a little rough at times. (See Les Minets Sauvages.) This one is all fantasy and romance - a young lad is pining for some companionship and love in his life. So, he does would any of us would do - he sends out for some magic tablets that, when thrown into his pool, cause young fawnlike boys to spring forth with their wide open mouths and rosebuds. Steeped deeply in logic, as you can tell. No matter, these young 'uns go at it like nobody's business, providing some good spooge shots. Some of the guys here look alarmingly young - even by Cadinot standards - and they do sort of blend in together after a while. Still, it's hard not to like such a sweet flick (lots of groping, kissing, hugging and fondling) and it should satisfy the fans. While it's probably not the best one to start off with if you've never seen a Cadinot, Touch of Magic (aka Le Garçon Près de la Piscine) remains a fan favorite and is certainly a worthy entry.

Cast:  Hank Reisner, Pierre Buisson, Didier Bertran, Loic le Gallec, Luigi di Como, Patrick Serra, Frederic LeMaire, Yannick Baud, Ducko Vuckovic, Mickael Alban, Klaus Keller, Patrick Jouvin, Alain Garnier

Director:  Jean-Daniel Cadinot

Country:  France

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