Hot House - Play Hard

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DescriptionDirector Christian Owen
Starring Dylan Knight, Dustin Tyler, Brock Avery, Alexander Gustavo, Owen Michaels, Mike De Marko, Rylan Knox

"If you wanna play, you better gear up: pads, jockstraps, socks, and cleats have these guys ready for the ultimate body-contact sport. Keep your eyes on the balls, because these guys are ready to Play Hard!Geared up in a jockstrap and chest pads, Rylan gets on all fours and eagerly sucks Dylan's cock. Dylan encourages Rylan by fingering his hole and delivering a series of firm smacks to Rylan's firm, toned ass cheeks. When Dylan's cock is slick and lubed with Rylan's spit, they trade places. Dylan gives Rylan a sensual, slurping blowjob, using his tongue to pay special attention to the sensitive tip of Rylan's cock. At the same time, Dylan jerks his own cock, making his nuts swing back and forth. Dylan thrusts up into Rylan, setting those massive balls into motion again. They switch to doggy style; Dylan slams his cock all the way into Rylan's ass, then all the way out, again and again. Rylan flips over; Dylan unloads massive spurts of cum onto Rylan's abs, which triggers Rylan to add his own load to the mix. On all fours, Mike presents his hairy ass to Brock, and he is quick to make a play on it. Brock scores by shoving his face into the crack and rimming it until saliva drips down to the floor. Brock's tongue probes eagerly into Mike's hole. Mike repositions with his face at cock height, and Brock thrusts his big, hard cock into Mike's mouth for a thorough blowjob. Suddenly Mike rips off his jockstrap and throws his feet in the air. Brock accepts the invitation for penetration, and when he cums, he sprays his load all over Mike's balls and ass crack. But Mike still craves more hard wood. A lot more. Brock lubes up the business end of a baseball bat and rams it into Mike's hole. Mike's ass struggles to accommodate the massive girth, but Brock maneuvers the bat deeper and deeper until Mike's giant load flies through the air. Football pads on their shoulders means that Dustin and Alexander are ready for a rough ride! Alexander pulls down Dustin's blue jockstrap and delivers a deep, drippy blowjob. Dustin pushes Alexander backwards and goes in for a thorough rim job on Alexander's smooth hole, not neglecting the bulging nuts. Alexander grabs a dildo that's practically the length of his own arm and gets up on all fours, exposing his hole for Dustin to stretch with the toy. Dustin's so turned on that he sprays a huge load of cum onto the platform, and Alexander brings his own load to ejaculation with frantic jerking. The grand finale comes when Alexander deep throats the big latex dick that was stretching out his ass just moments ago. Wearing nothing but cleats, socks and jockstraps, Rylan and Owen are digging in their heels for a balls-to-the-walls fucking. Using only his lips, Rylan strokes the shaft of Owen's cock from the head to the base. Owen starts putting his hips into it, thrusting his cock deeper into Rylan's mouth. Rylan's firm, round ass is perfectly framed by a bright red jockstrap, and that's where Owen directs his attention next. His tongue teases and probes the tight pink center of Rylan's ass, leaving it slick and primed for penetration. Owen slides in his huge cock and fucks Rylan like an unstoppable machine. Rylan rolls over and raises his cleats in the air, letting Owen fuck him from another angle. Rylan cums while Owen is plowing his hole, and then Owen sprays his own load across Rylan's balls and cock."
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