Prowl 2 - Go In Deeper

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DescriptionStudio: MSR

Video language: English

This shows you the inside world of porn pigs in heat as they abuse and degrade one another, breaking all the taboos of so-called "vanilla sex." This group of macho, muscle-bound fuck studs lets you see all the ass-stretching, throat-packing, face-drenching action that goes on behind the scenes in L.A.'s nastiest late-night men's club.

This sequel to Prowl has and expanded cast from the original. Filmed at the famous Prowl sex club in Silverlake, Steve Pierce walks around the halls in search of sex. A fade-in sequence reveals Eric York and Mason Flynt sucking cock. We next see a three-way in progress with Eduardo, Griffin and Patrick Ives. They suck cock incessantly as the heavy breathing and sweating intensify. Eduardo fucks Griffin, with a rock hard cock. He plunges his uncut meat harder and harder from the rear. Ives takes over the fucking position while kissing Eduardo. Both Eduardo and Ives lie down and Griffin sits on both their cocks. All three cum after this, shooting white liquid everywhere. This is a hot and heavy scene.

Mason Flynt eagerly eats Eric York's ass. Outside, Joshua Scott and Will Clark suck on Joe Dixon's huge dick. Scott licks Dixon's boots, while Will downs the fat daddy dick. Clark eats daddy's ass and Scott takes over sucking the fat salami dick. Clark gives Dixon a and he pours it all over Clark then s some and spits in on Scott. Scott bends over Clark and gets a dildo up his rear. Dixon plunges the rubber meat in and out of Joshua as he sucks Clark. Dixon gets his fat dick hard and fucks Scott hard. Scott continues to blow Will Clark until they change positions. Clark is now on all fours and Dixon gives him the dildo action. Clark then gets daddy's big schlong up his rear. Dixon mounts him and fucks him with unmercifully. Scott lies down and takes the big one again as Will Clark feeds Scott his dick from above. Close to exhaustion, the three shoot their load.

Flynt continues fucking York in the sling. Across the club, Steve Pierce, Chase Allen, and Patrick Ives start a hot sex engagement. Pierce eats Ives' ass while Allen sucks Ives' cock. A double sided dildo is pushed into both Pierce's and Ives' ass by Allen. The two asses compete for the long rubber dildo as they bounce back to back, each hole cramming as much of the rubber cock inside as possible. Allen pulls out a two-foot rubber dick and crams it up Pierce's ass. Ives sucks Allen. The film continues to return to York and Flynt over and over. Chase Allen fucks Pierce from the rear while he sucks Ives. Patrick and Chase change positions, with Pierce as lucky Pierre! Ives and Allen put on rubber gloves and explore Pierce's ass with their fists. The three end the scene by masturbating on each other.

Flynt's fuck of York has to be the longest, drawn out fuck scene in porn history. Like the Eveready battery, these two just keep going and going and going. The sex is very hot in this film and the men are sexy and laden in leather.

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