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English Lads - Jaden Hicks & Ben Thompson

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Ben Thompson
Age: 19 yo 
Height: 5'11" 
Chest: 39"  Waist: 29"
Sexual Orientation: Straight 
Cock Size: 7.5" Uncut
Hair: Blond; Eyes: Blue
Character Overview: Ben is a straight english lad with a 7.5 inch erect uncut cock and a muscular, smooth body with piercings and tattoos. He is 19 years old, 5'11'' tall, and enjoys gym & football. He is a cheeky young man who comes across as a little bit shy, but you soon realise once you get to know him he really enjoys showing off his body! He looks great stood in front of you in his boxers, toned and muscled and when he drops his boxers, it looks like another muscle hunk has had lots of training! He has a lovely over sized uncut cock surrounded by a blond fuzz!

Jaden Hicks
Age: 20 yo 
Height: 6'2" 
Chest: 41"  Waist: 31"
Sexual Orientation: Straight 
Cock Size: 6.5" Uncut
Hair: Brown; Eyes: Brown
Character Overview: Jaden Hicks is a straight english lad with a 6.5 inch erect uncut cock and a defined, smooth body with piercings and tattoos. He is 20 years old, 6'2'' tall, and enjoys football & gym. He is tall and lean and nicely toned, when you first meet him you might think he is a little shy; you get to know him and you realise he is really quite proud of his body, who just doesn't want to show it yet; however, if you get him naked, pay him a few compliments, he will melt in your hands!

File List:
2013-03-01 Ben Thompson - Personal Trainer Shows off his Hard Abs & Big Uncut Erection.mp4 [413 MB]
2013-05-12 Ben Thompson - Young Blond Can't Believe a Man is Making his Long Uncut Cock so Hard & Messy.wmv [984 MB]
2013-06-23 Jaden Hicks - Athletic Footballer Jaden Let's Dan Give Him A Rub Down.wmv [932 MB]
2013-08-02 Ben Thompson - Straight Blond's First Blowjob from a Man - Let's Dan Suck His Cock.mp4 [571 MB]
2014-03-16 Jaden Hicks & Ben Thompson - Straight Mates Compare Uncut Cocks & Wank Each Other Off.wmv [376 MB]
2014-05-25 Jaden Hicks & Ben Thompson - Suck Their 1st Cocks & Jaden Fucks Chris Who In Turn Fucks Ben.mp4 [1.23 GB]
2014-08-01 Jaden Hicks & Ben Thompson - Straight Essex Mates Doing What They Shouldn't (Jaden Fucks Ben).mp4 [1.39 GB]
[*Get this pack while you can guys.....they get deleted pretty fast~~]
There are still a few solo scenes from Jaden Hicks missing.....but this is about as close to a complete collection of both models as it can get.....so enjoy guys!!! Wish you all a joyous Weekend~~ >___<

Scene Descriptions:
1) Blond Personal Trainer Ben Shows off his Hard Abs & Big Uncut Erection!
Straight blond Essex lad Ben is pretty comfortable taking off some clothes and showing off his ripped, lean and muscular body with just a slight fuzz of hair! A personal trainer by day he likes to play football with his mates, all this activity producing that really sculpted upper body and rock hard abs. At times he comes across a bit serious and broody but check out the outtakes as he keeps breaking in to fits of laughter! He starts by posing a little as we get to check out his body and cute round bum, before dropping his baggy boxers and showing off his cock, surrounded by quite a blond bush. Wanking away he gets his cock nice and hard and lets you have a good look at his hole. Getting relaxed on the bed he wanks himself off and shoots a big dollop of cum which fly on to the duvet.

2) Straight Young Blond Pup Ben Cant Believe a Man is Making his Long Uncut Cock so Hard & Messy!
Young Straight footballing coach Ben isn’t really sure about what is about to happen; he strips down to his boxers and jumps on the bed and before he knows it Dan is flirting with him, attempting to get into his pants! The stronger one prevails and before long Dan is pulling down Ben’s boxers and teasing him and keeping him right on the edge of his comfort zone! Dan does a great job at showing off Ben’s hole; gentle stroking of Ben’s balls and he is loosening up and before you know it Dan is wanking him off and Ben hasn’t yet quite realised what is happening, though it feels ok! A lot of playing and teasing later and Ben dumps his load not quite understanding how come he never touched his cock and how his hole was so touched!

3) Tall & Toned Straight Pup Jaden gets his First Manhandling - Lucky Dan
Jaden is a tall and lean straight lad who is modelling because his best mate got him into this fine mess! Though Jaden has a dilemma; he quite likes the money he can earn, but he is concerned how much he is compromised! Luckily his mate did his massage shoot first, so Jaden eventually agreed to go along with it and looking at how hard his uncut cock gets he didn’t mind his first manhandling! The hole shoot he doesn’t touch his own cock, perhaps we can get him used to this and maybe his boundaries can be pushed a little further especially if his mate does it first!

4) Straight Blond Footballing Ace Ben's First Blow Job From a Man
Blond straight essex footballer Ben strips off for the camera to show off his toned body and gets a bit of a surprise when Dan pulls his trackies down within a minute and fondles his balls from behind! Dan strips Ben, and storkes his cock and balls before moving Ben to the bed so that he can lay down while Dan gets his mouth around Ben's hardening cock. Ben climbs over to shove his cock into Dan's face, and Dan pulls apart Ben's bum cheeks to show of his hole to the camera. Dan takes over being cameraman for a while to get close up of Ben wanking off, before Dan takes control and makes Ben shoot over his abs.

5) Straight Mates Jaden & Ben Compare Uncut Cocks & Wank Each Other Off!
Jaden and Ben are both really good looking lads - fresh faced, handsome and really defined bodies. They've been best mates for years, but today we pushed the boundaries of their friendship to the extreme! The guys are really funny together, one look between them causes huge laughter, and amongst all the fun we get them to get naked together! They show off their lean muscular bodies, both and are soon comparing cocks - both uncut and a nice size, perhaps Ben a little larger. It's when they get naked on the bed that things get more naughty, both get hard and have a go at wanking each other, they even take it in turn to show off each other's holes, by bending over and letting the other mate part his cheeks. Both shoot a nice load over themselves while sitting right next to each other!

6) Straight Essex Lads Ben & Jaden Suck Their 1st Cocks & Jaden Fucks Chris who in Turn Fucks Ben!
Straight Essex lads Ben & Jaden are a joking fun-loving couple of friends, but even we are pushing their boundaries on this shoot - they both look great - lean, and athletic. Ben is blond and has a great six pack, Jaden is taller and darker haired with a couple of tattoos. They happen to be next to each other on the bed just in boxers, so imagine their surprise when naughty Chris wanders in and suggests a threesome! Chris is always up for a bit of fun, and today he has the job of teaching these lads how to have man-on-man fun! Chris is soon delving in the guys boxers, and we have three-way wanking, then they start exploring each other's bums! Both Ben and Chris get it up them, the lads learn quickly, and we even have a great moment when Jaden is fucking Chris, who is fucking Ben. Chris gets Jaden's load over him, before shooting himself, and then Ben shoots over himself.

7) Straight Mates Doing What They Shouldn't - Jaden Fucks Ben!
Ben and Jaden have been on a real journey with us. Real life best mates, they've been pushed to doing stuff together than I'm sure they never originally dreamt of. Both lads are really fit, lean and muscular, and both very handsome. They strip off for us and show us their bodies. Jaden is a little taller than Ben, with dark hair. Ben is very blonde, and has a lovely pert little bum, which Jaden playfully slaps! After both getting their kit off and sucking each other, they have a quick sword fight with their hard cocks, before getting on to the bed for some real action! Jaden gently lubes up Ben's hole, and fucks him - from underneath and above, before both lads sit back and shoot on themselves! Very hot shoot!

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