Sex Tourists

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DescriptionActors: Lucio Saints, Tyson Tyler, Troy Daniels, Ivan Rueda, Yan Peters, Damian Boss, Bruno Lopez, Marco Serra
Director: Jörg Andreas
Studio: Cazzo
Country: Germany

Tags: Beard, Beef-Cakes, Big Dicks, Blacks, Bodyhair, Cumshot, Deep-Throat, Interracial, Outdoor, Shaved, Sneaker, Sucking, Tattoo

Be a pig! Be a slut! Be Berlin! Horny studs don’t only come to Berlin for the sightseeing! They want sex! There are so many men in the city, and they get right down to action. Tim gets himself fucked by a muscular bartender. Lucio’s host goes wild for his huge dick. Marco sucks off a blonde German on the train. Damian picks up a stoned tourist at the club and mercilessly fucks him into the sofa cushions at home. Ivan rides on Yan’s rock-hard dick until his hole glows and the cum flies. Be a pig! Be a slut! Be Berlin!

01 Lucio Saints & Troy Daniels
Upload: 04.07.2013  12 minutes
Tags: Beard, Bodyhair, Cumshot, Deep-Throat, Rimming, Sneaker, Sucking
Troy is in a good position. As he rents out holiday flats, he's the first one to welcome sex hungry guys from all over the world. And he knows very well, what he wants: Lucio´s fat cock deep in his throat. That´s exactly what Lucio expects from his trip to Berlin. He can´t hardly wait to shove his cock into Troy´s warm, rimmed fuck hole. Then he pounds him through the whole flat till both can´t hold their sperm loads any more.

02 Markus Steiner & Marco Sera
Upload: 18.07.2013  14 minutes
Tags: Beard, Big Dicks, Bodyhair, Cumshot, Deep-Throat, Rimming, Sneaker, Sucking
Marco, a handsome Mediterranean, is riding around on the subway checking out the city, when suddenly a studly blonde German plops down across from him. They start flirting with each other and soon something thick and juicy starts growing noticeably in the German’s track pants. Marco’s mouth is watering as Markus boldly whips out his equipment, right there in the train! Marco greedily sucks Markus’ dick, as the action continues at Markus’ place...

03 Bruno Lopez & Tim Cotta
Upload: 08.08.2013  16 minutes
Tags: Beard, Bodyhair, Cumshot, Deep-Throat, Rimming, Shaved, Sneaker, Sucking, Tattoo
Sweet bearded Tim has been hanging around the bar, because the cute, charming bartender has been smiling at him the whole evening. And after the last guests have departed, muscular Bruno actually starts making out with Tim. Score with a cool Berlin bartender? Tim can hardly believe his luck. He avidly lets Bruno´s huge tool glide deep down his throat. Bruno gets Tim up on the bar and happily licks out his pliable hole. Then it’s time for Tim to get thoroughly screwed, until a fountain of cum pours out onto Tim’s chest.

04 Damian Boss & Damian Hight
Upload: 15.08.2013  12 minutes
Tags: Beard, Bodyhair, Cumshot, Deep-Throat, Outdoor, Piercing, Sucking, Tattoo
Damian picks up a cute little Berlin tourist at the legendary Berghain techno club. They stumble out into the night morning, exhausted but horny. Damian gets a blowjob in the great outdoors, then the fun continues at home. Damian lets his fucktoy bounce up and down on his thick, hard cock, then mercilessly fucks him deeper and deeper into the sofa.

05 Tyson Tyler & Ken
Upload: 29.08.2013  12 minutes
Tags: Beard, Beef-Cakes, Big Dicks, Blacks, Cumshot, Deep-Throat, Interracial, Sneaker, Sucking, Tattoo
Tyson is sightseeing in Berlin. But the cool guy sitting in front of the memorial is much more interesting than the tourist attractions. The two quickly chat each other up and get down to business in an old ruin. Not only does Ken have broad shoulders, there’s also something hefty going on in his pants. He fucks Tyson’s mouth deeply and forcefully with his big club, then he leans Tyson up against a wall and shoves his cock between his plump ass cheeks.

06 Ivan Rueda & Yan Peters
Upload: 12.09.2013  12 minutes
Tags: Beard, Bodyhair, Cumshot, Deep-Throat, Rimming, Sneaker, Sucking, Tattoo
Blonde and blue-eyed Yan tours an empty factory where swarthy Ivan is hanging around. Opposites do attract and Ivan snags Yan. Ivan lets Yan’s huge dick out of his pants and rams it down his throat to the root. Then Yan rides Ivan’s hole until it glows and finally shoots his cum in arcs over Ivan.

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• C082_ST_5_Kyle_Ken_L14_1200.m4v - File size: 119 MiB / Duration: 12mn 42s
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