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Some men are born to suck cock. Their mouths open wide, their sperm-slimed gullets craving load after load. For these men it's more than sex. It's cock worship, their purpose in life.

DRUNK ON CUM #5 is scene after scene of cum-slurpin' cocksuckers servicing man after man. Here are the floor-lickin' semen-addicts who get high suckin' cock and get drunk filling their bellies with sperm.

Scene 1: Blowing Paul Stag
PAUL STAG has a truly huge uncut schlong. His hooded veiny destroyer is legend among his acquaintances and admirers. He loves showing the thing off almost as much as he loves shoving it down the throat of a hungry cocksucker. And AIDEN CAMP and JAMES ROSCOE are about as hungry and full of lustful admiration as cocksuckers can get. Even with the two of them working on it, they're both a little undone by the sheer size of this cock. But they share and share alike, and when PAUL shoots his thick goby load, it gets passed from mouth to spermy mouth until the two cock-dogs have swallowed it all down.

Scene 2: Skeet Swallows Three
SKEET is a natural born cocksucker. If a cock is within a square mile, he starts to salivate, his tongue licking his lips in anticipation. And when he gets a cock in his mouth, you start to wonder if there isn't some cocksucking gene in this guy's DNA. Skeet has cocksucking in his blood. We treated three studs (JAKE FILLUPS, KEER and FYERFLI) to SKEET'S silky throat action, and this primally experienced cock-worshipper didn't disappoint. He ends up with sperm-splatter in his belly, down his throat, all over his face. One splat-happy cocksucker!

Scene 3: James Roscoe's Bukkake
JAMES ROSCOE is a fuckin' handsome man. And it's a wonderful thing to see that handsome face used 'n' abused by marauding man-wieners. JAMES' lips get all nice and stretched out, wide around a thick throbber. And JAMES, like a hound dog after a treed fox, settles into that cocksucker zone. He's focused on dick-lovin', but he wants that load! JAMES told me that he only felt truly happy in life when he has a belly full of semen. So I pulled together a big ol' group of horny dudes and before they could whip out their dicks JAMES was on his knees, suckin� and slurpin', his eyes all rolled back, a cockslut in his element. The group was big, so he got some assistance from SKEET (that guy can't stay off his knees!) so there's plenty of thick 'n' ropey mouth-to-mouth snowballing. But it's JAMES' serious cock-hunger that really shines here. You know I love a man who licks the filthy floor to get those splattered drops of man-goo.

Scene 4: Klep's Bukkake
KLEP wrote to me from London, touting his cocksucking passion and ability and offering his services for our West Coast men. You may have seen him showing off his cocksucking and felching talents in MAX SOHL'S UKBB. This is a man who loves and lives for the taste of sperm. I flew him to San Francisco and got together a cum-saturated bukkake for him. The guy is passionate and enthusiastic, full of grins and smiles and "thank-you�s". He sucked and slurped down every load.

Scene 5: Two Men In A Tub
I knew cocksucker SKEET and horse-hung pagan KEER would get along fine. When a cocksucker like SKEET sees a cock like KEER'S, everyone knows the score. But these two hit it off way better than even I expected. KEER kneels down and sucks out SKEET'S load. And that's when SKEET gets to give his attention fully to KEER'S huge cock.

Scene 6: Tony At Folsom Gulch
I have a passion for gloryholes. It was at gloryholes that I honed my own skills as a young cocksucker. And for a season I made it my job to drive across America making gloryholes in just about every public toilet stall I could find. I'm still proud of that. Sexy, hungry Latin bonesmoker TONY knows how to worship cock through the gloryhole. His focus, his passion for cock and spooge, shine through. You'll wish it was you on the other side of that cum-stained wall, sticking your cock through for his slutty ministrations.

Scene 7: Jason Swallows Four
Sexy muscle-buck JASON MITCHELL was scheduled by my casting guy to just do a solo for the camera. But before that happened, I wanted to see that pretty face of his stretched out by cock. I wanted to see him on his knees servicing a group of dominant men. Dunno what gets into me. I got the lad on his knees, facing four ready-to-go studs. He blows 'em all, tries his best to stretch his young-man lips around two at once. And after he's serviced every man in the room, he leans back and blows his own overcharged sperm-spout.

Scene 8: James Roscoe's Buck-A-Suck
If you know my videos, you know that I like to throw curve-balls at cocksucking bottoms. I like to test their limits. Because to my way of thinking a cocksucker exists for one thing: to service any and all cocks on the planet, when and how they want to be serviced. So I put together an event in Chicago for JAMES ROSCOE, the "Buck-a-Suck". All a man had to do was pay ROSCOE a buck and he sucked their cock, swallowed their spurtin' spooge. The scene in this DVD is highlights from a very full afternoon of diligent service, with JAMES ROSCOE crawlin' on his knees, beggin' for more and more and more cock. Now, some of the men are outside the range of appearance you usually find in porn. Some are truly sexy, hot men. Some are seriously not! But JAMES gives equal passion to all and truly loves sucking them off, hot or not.
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