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Rick Hammersmith, Darius Soli - Model Worship - JimmyZ (mov)

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Part I (Length: 24 mins)
Darius hires Rick to model for him for a photo shoot, but in Part One, Darius is not happy, because Rick is not only late, but he's not listening to his direction. He approaches Rick with disgust, but that changes quickly as Rick apologizes for it all, as he and Darius forget about taking photos, and get into a love-making session instead.
Part II (Length: 24 mins)
Rick and Darius continue their sexcapade, even though Darius is still mad at Rick for being late to the photo shoot. However, things change fast, so now they take the time to explore each other's bodies carefully, enjoying every minute of it, despite the fact that they aren't doing their job of taking pictures. Who cares?
Part III � Final (24 mins)
Rick and Darius continue their sex-fest lovemaking in their Finale, and by the time each guy gets ready to explode at the end, neither is concerned why they were mad at each other. Ain't love grand?

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