David Zavadil & Mad Monk

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DescriptionDavid Zavadil is a great looking guy, with a fabulous body. We did a solo shoot with him and a wrestling and wanted to do more, but he wasn't too sure, so we opted to do a spanking with him and see how he would get on with that. The Mad Monk was in town, so the scene was set. David is made to strip and put on some boxing shorts and gloves. Then MM inspects his body, and gets him to do a little sparring into his hands. But that is not for long, as the MM sits and pulls David's shorts down, to expose a beautiful bubble butt, which he rubs and that spanks a little, and then more, with firmer strokes, which elicits some noise from David. The gloves are removed and David is made to lay down over MM's knees, with his legs in the air, so the spanking can continue. Then the legs are dropped so we see David's beautiful body, and his equipment too. Shorts off and legs up again, held by the toes, David's ass is spanked more, with the cheeks becoming red in the process. David is put into a position so that his shoulder are on the floor and legs pushed down, exposing his ass to us, and to the MM's attentions. His hole is exposed and looks great as the MM tries to spank it too. Some oil appears and is dripped into that tight hole and MM rubs his hands over the ass and hole, before pushing his finger into that hole. He fucks his finger in and out and adds another finger too. Then both his thumbs push into the hole before a black vibrator appears and plays with David's crack and balls and then slips into his tight ass. It goes in nicely and stays there as the spanking continues. Then David is made to sit astride MM, who continues to fuck the ass with the vibrator. Another change of position and the vibrator is rammed in again. It stays put as MM plays with the cock and balls. Then he removes the vibrator and plays more with the asshole. David is then made to stand and a blindfold is applied and he is made to lean his hands against the wall so the MM can spank him some more. A tin bath is then bought into play and David is made to sit, with his feet in the bath, and the MM lowers an enema set up from above and he pushes David on his back and lifts his legs so that he can inser the enema tube. He releases the valve and Davids' ass begins to fill with water. When it is full the tube is removed and the bath is positioned so that David can release all that water. But David holds it in, so MM changes the position and tries to get David to release the water. Still David refuses to let the water out of his ass, so the position is changed again and, at last, he lets some go, but not enough to satisfy MM, so the tube is inserted again and more water is pumped into his ass. This time David let's it go completely and empties himself into the bath. Then he stands up, so that MM can wash him and send him on his way, bringing the scene to a close. David did very well in this scene which, I must say, looks very good.
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