Dirty Tony - Sean Stavos Fucks Alex Andrews

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Today, I've got long-time friend, dark and muscular Sean Stavos and super cute young blonde, Alex Andrews pairing up for my favorite type of combination - do you even need to guess why? The two start chatting about where they're from, the craziest things they've ever done in bed, and how old they were when they lost their virginity. All the flirtatious banter really got their juices flowing as Alex and Sean instantly lock lips and breathe through each others noses. Making out really gets Sean's bulge to grow from slightly noticeable to absolutely obnoxious, as he dominantly pushes Alex's head down and rubs his face against his clothed crotch. Alex begins slobbering all over the front of Sean's pants, before he unzips the fly and unleashes a spring loaded rock hard erection that smacks the saliva out of his mouth. Alex quickly tries to cram Sean's veiny tube-steak as deep in his throat as he can. This generates a torrent of spit that leaks out and spills down Sean's visibly pulsating shaft onto the soft comforter below. Sean continues pushing his head down as far as he can while he demands that Alex gag on his huge cock. After playing his tonsils like a marimba, Sean extracts his glistening dick from Alex's mouth and turns him around on all
2011-05-23 20:52:49
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