Defiant Productions Personal Time

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DescriptionRun Time: 114mins    Audio: Live Sound      Year Produced: 2003
Director: Joe Senra  Cast: Johnny B Johnson, Tristian, Ric, Jonathan Priest, Kenny, Trent

These guys know how to work themselves into a frenzy. Hot, smooth, young dudes jack their cocks, lubing them up over and over until a final explosion of cum.

"'It’s getting hot in here,' says Johnny B. Johnson as he strips off his shirt and puts on a porno. Revealing his hairy chest, this young Val Kilmer look-a-like sticks his hand down his jeans and massages his cock. This boy has big arms and a big thick cock that he loves to show off. As Johnny takes hold of his cock, he licks his fingers and uses his saliva as lube. And he also likes the taste of his pre cum. (Who doesn’t?) It’s not long before this boy is writhing around and a thick stream of cum oozes from his thick dick all over his abs and his fingers, still firmly grasping his member. Rolling it around into his hand he licks the thick pool of love juice into his mouth and swallows.

Redhead Tristian says he hasn’t gotten off in three days, but he’s keen to get started. In seconds this cute young guy is naked stroking his cock and gyrating around on the couch. But that’s not enough for this young buck so he gets right in front of the camera and starts jacking his thick cock with both hands. The Tristian is back on the couch winking his buck-eye at us. This boy just can’t lie still. Next he’s upside down on the couch rubbing his big balls and moaning in ecstasy. Tristian lies back down on the couch and still writhing around announces that he’s going to cum. And boy does he - six huge spurts of cum fly out of this guys pulsating cock, landing not just on him, but all over the couch as well. Proof that it pays not to cum for three days.

Ric is practically naked when we find him lying on the floor watching a porno. Shaking his big cock to the camera he asks if we like it. (Yes, we do!) This dark haired preppy boy can’t get enough lube on his cock. He lathers his dick in the stuff and really enjoys massaging it in and over his balls. He pumps his cock furiously as the porno reaches his favorite scene. Then just as he tells as he’s about to cum, he does. A nice thick stream shoots out and over his torso. "Check out my cum!" he proudly announces pointing out the massive wet spot on the pillow where his head was. Nice.

Lip-pierced skater boy Jonathan Priest comes home from a day of hard skateboarding to kick back and enjoy a nice porno. He slips out of his clothes to reveal both nipples pierced, nice hairy legs and big balls lying underneath a long hard dick. He lubes his cock up and gets straight to work stroking it. He really enjoys jerkin’ it close to the camera - pointing it straight at us as if he were to shoot all over our faces. Instead he lies back down on the bed, and with a finger up his ass he arches his back and shoots a nice load onto his body and his shoulders.

Shaved head and a naughty-but-nice look belongs to Kenny. Already shirtless he pulls his pants and boxers around his ankles and gets to work on his thick cock. Caressing his body, he swing around on the bed to give us a straight-on look at his low hanging balls and his gorgeous member. He gets a finger or two deep into his ass, but that’s not satisfying enough for this stud. Reaching for the vibrating dildo he asks if we want to see him fuck himself. (Oh yes, please!) He lubes it up and slips it into his ass like he’s done this quite a few times before. The he tells us to watch him cum and shoots stream after stream after stream of spunk high into the air and across his toned bod.

Lying on his bed Kenny once again has his hand down his pants. He unleashes his monstrously thick cock and stands up on the bed jacking it. Once more he asks if we’d like to see him fuck himself with the dildo, and once again he obliges. He fucks himself alright, deep and long with that thing. Then he tosses it aside and goes back to his fingers, this time getting three of them inside his cute white ass. The he goes to town on his cock till he shoots a nice stream of juice all up his chest.

Derek is rubbing his cock through his sweat pants. But he quickly gets it out from them and shows us what he has - a nice long dick with low hanging balls. With the remote control in one hand and his lubed cock in the other, Derek comments on the size of his cock, asking if we like it. He moves from kneeling on the bed to the chair, and with his balls bouncing off the back of his hand he shoots a nice streaming load all over his smooth abs. Then comes a short interview with Derek where he tells us some of his fantasies.

Baseball cap-wearing coverboy Trent is next. This boy is the boy next door. He has amazing abs and an amazing cock. He clearly loves playing with his cock and his balls and soon has it lubed up and with both hands, yes both, he’s jacking it all over the damn place. This boy grabs his balls firmly as he strokes his meat, and when he gets tired with one hand he just switches to the other. Trent only cares about having that thing stroked and boy does he stroke it. And you will be too - well before he shoots a huge load out of his cock and onto his ribbed abs.

"You want me to cum on you?" Tristian is back! And he’s still horny; he grabs his balls and jerks his long cock likes there’s no tomorrow. He kneels down and sticks his cock right in the camera. You’ll want to reach out and touch his prick it’s so damn close. Standing back up he continues to jack off until he asks one more time if we want it on our face. Here it comes - a nice thick stream shooting out from his cock all over the camera. Five minutes has gone by since Tristian has shot his load on you and he’s back for one last jack off. This boy is that horny. Lying on the couch fully clothed, he jerks for us again, shooting another thick stream of his sticky white love goo all over his T-shirt."
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