popboys - pack 1

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DescriptionPopboys - Pack 1
1st Set of Videos from popboys.com, all videos have performer Ben Huller, otherwise known as Seth at wankoffworld.com (torrent uploaded a couple weeks ago) and known as Oliver Strelly from his straight and bisexual videos. He fucks twinks bareback in each of the videos. I will be uploading all of the videos in separate torrents. Folder also contains photos from each of the scenes. Enjoy

In the photos: Albert, Keanu, Mike

AKIO 03/05/2006

The funniest types are young bold guys of Asian origin. They got lovely tight holes. And they are ready to gag on my cock till it hits their tonsils in order to get on stage. The cute boy will have to spread his soft butt cheeks and show off his asshole for that. I?ll stab him with my dick, give him some proper screwing and think for a while what should be done next.

ALBERT 03/05/2006

I?ve had a crush for this pal of mine long ago ? he?s a real heavy metal macho! I wonder whether he ever sucked cock. His ass did not welcome anybody, that?s clear. It?ll be a tough job for me. But one has to begin some time! So shall we begin, stuffing his throat with my cock. Let this guitar master forget his brutal songs. And then I?ll penetrate his butt and give him a mouthful of sperm to give the idea of how cum tastes like.

MAX 03/05/2006

A great guy, I even had to use my own ass. But I tricked this tight-assed lad into a first-time anal fuck! Another victory of mine! His tight unspoiled butthole contacted so lovely and he just would not let me in. Some saliva, and the pop star twists and tosses under my onslaught. He screamed as a child when I pushed my rod into him with my hand. I understood what he liked when his hands pressed against my thighs. Yeah, baby!

BRAD 03/05/2006

They are all looking to get fame and fortune. And even the youngest boys dream about stardom. I am able to give everything to them, not for free, of course. A cute young boy, totally unspoiled... It?s so lovely when he eats strawberry from my hands. And then I?ll undress him and put him on his fours so that he stands obediently with his butt sticking in the air. I?ll tease his anus with a strawberry and then replace it with my rock hard cock. I?ll fuck him so hard and he will understand what it means to be a star. And then I?ll feed the berry to him, having creamed it beforehand.

SERGIO 03/05/2006

The main things in my business are luring and promising. Other things go smoothly as if lubed. They love signing contracts, and I love fucking them in the ass. They dream about standing on the stage with a microphone, and I invade their throats with cock instead. Very well, let them train. I am just the first stage in their career. But I get the freshest boys! And I fuck them up the ass and mouth, giving their holes the first stretch. And many of them enjoy it! They enjoy having their butt drilled by my cock, they wigwag their asses, and then I flood the destroyed asshole with sperm.

IVAN 03/05/2006

Many boys enjoy being fucked so much they even forget what they have come for. I fucked the boy really hard, gave him a long juicy screw, his anus poured out lube, I spat into his hole a couple of times. He delivered a divine blowjob, licked my shaft, tickled the balls and sucked on them... I showered his face, and believe it or not, he licked himself clean and asked what he should do next!

KEANU 03/05/2006

I feel being the master, I tell them to turn around, and they do. I have a closer look at their asses, then I tell them I need to evaluate their figure, and they undress in an eyewink. Then I study their bumholes. I ask them to bend over, penetrate the holes with my fingers, first one finger, then two... My erection forces me to rip into the tight holes and move there ferociously. Nobody complained so far. They like when I grease their anuses with saliva, love feeling me deeper inside.

ALEX 03/05/2006

I often get surprises from some of the young boys. They often try to seduce me themselves. One of them brought me a cock lace. I used the chance and showed the boy how the thing should be used. And not only this thing. I taught him what pleasure can an experienced lover bring to a young boy like he was. First I felt the resistance of his anal muscles, but it did not stop me. Having greased my cock with his own saliva, I shoved it as deep as I only could. A sweet moan was the reply. I fucked the boy in all kinds of positions, and he enjoyed that! Finally I shot several gooey loads on his tongue which flowed down, mixing with his saliva.

MIKE 03/05/2006

I am also visited by experienced guys who know exactly what should be done when you pay a visit to the producer. They sometimes even bring some tools with them. One gave me a real surprise. He brought a glamorous-looking handbag which contained lots of curious sex-related stuff. I am not sure about his musical abilities, but his sucking was terrific. He chocked on my cock with pleasure, took it behind the cheek and tickled it with his tongue. It was a special pleasure to hear his moans when I started stuffing his butt with toys of all sizes which I took from his handbag. I sprayed my load on his hole and he rubbed the cum all over his asscrack and licked the fingers dry.

PAUL 03/05/2006

I got some really talented studs here, and I screw them with special pleasure. They are highly sensual and romantic. Boys like this produce sincere moans and bend from pleasure when I pack their romantic asses with my firm cock. I love the way their holes pulsate and contracts. And nothing feels more wonderful than their pink tongues ? this is the real romantics.

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