♺ How I Got The Story / Double Deal / Photo Play (Nova Studios 1983)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-06-10 |
"In the title story How I Got the Story, Beau Matthews does an interview with Michael Christopher, who's sporting a very thick head of hair, with his mouth full of dick. Leading Beau to a waterfall by drawing him in with his big naked dick, Michael goes down on Beau while the crystal-clear water beats gently down on their skin. Laying down on a flat chiseled rock, Beau spreads his legs to welcome him in. Pumping hard until they both cum all over the place and try to catch the golden seed on their tongues, they wander off to sixty-nine in the daisy field and cum yet again.

Jeff Wells, a blond, buffed surfer, and Mike DeMarco, a dark rebel with a motorcycle, engage in a bit of bodybuilding and leather posing in Double Deal. Both have huge muscular bodies, and Mike's dick is enormous. While jerking their meats in their own homes they fantasize about each other spreading their ass cheeks and twisting and turning their upright tools.

In Photo Play, Adam Stuart and Quinn Curtis get close. In the world of porno-fantasy, their eyes meet and the photographer starts fondling the redheaded model's dick and low hanging balls. This is much more than a tawdry affair on the casting couch, and they fuck several times before falling in love forevermore."

This is a VHS to DV Conversion so please excuse the sometimes fuzzy audio/video...  I am using the best equipment for conversion but cannot make a dated recording with pops & dropouts go away..

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