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William Higgins Ruslan Tarovsky, Artur Lafek and newcomer Erik Garba 9/11

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DescriptionNote the film says Dmitry Vorobev while the website credits him as Ruslan Tarovsky.
We went on location with Ruslan Tarovsky, Artur Lafek and newcomer Erik Garba. I was interested to see how Erik would get on, as we already know what great performers Artur and Ruslan Tarovsky are. The scene starts with Artur and Ruslan Tarovsky moving some rustic and attractive furniture around, and then as they sit it seems that Ruslan Tarovsky has some stiffness in his shoulders. Artur, ever the willing helper, offers a massage to Ruslan Tarovsky's shoulders, but it's not long before Artur's hands move to rub Ruslan Tarovsky's chest too, and then his mouth goes down to kiss him too. As they kiss Artur rubs Ruslan Tarovsky's groin quite intensively, and then his hand goes in the pants and pulls out a nice big swollen cock and a big pair of balls. Ruslan Tarovsky's cock is big and hard, and Artur wanks it, never taking his eyes of that beauty. Soon Artur cant hold back and goes down on Ruslan Tarovsky's cock sucking it into his mouth. He really enjoys sucking and it fully into it when Erik arrives with the last of the chairs. Seeing Artur on his knees working on Ruslan Tarovsky's rampant rod Erik quickly drop his coveralls, to reveal that he is hard too. Ruslan Tarovsky grabs his cock and starts to wank him as Artur continues sucking. Erik bends forward and starts to kiss Ruslan Tarovsky, long and hard with tongues duelling as Ruslan Tarovsky wanks him. Then Ruslan Tarovsky leans over and takes Erik's big dick in his mouth and sucks it. Artur stands and drops his clothes, so that Ruslan Tarovsky can suck him too. Ruslan Tarovsky loves having two cocks available for sucking, in turns about. But Erik wants in the action too and sits between Ruslan Tarovsky's legs to take his cock in his mouth as Ruslan Tarovsky continues to suck on Artur's. Erik doesn't limit himself to sucking only cock, he moves down and starts to suck Ruslan Tarovsky's toes as well. Artur, though, has other ideas and Erik lays down with his legs up and Ruslan Tarovsky climbs on top,so that both their asses are spread and available. Artur takes his cue and starts to rim those tight holes. What a great view we get of Artur's handsome face eating ass. But soon he wants more and slides his cock deep into Erik's ass, with Erik sucking on Ruslan Tarovsky's throbbing cock. Then Ruslan Tarovsky wants some of that ass for himself and changes places with Artur, slamming his dick deep into Erik's eager hole. It is all looking great as the dick plows Erik but Artur wants even more. He wants Ruslan Tarovsky's hole too, so he sits and Ruslan Tarovsky slide his ass over Artur's rigid dick. He really rides that cock for all he is worth and Erik pushes his cock into Artur's open mouth. Erik leans forward and kisses Ruslan Tarovsky, who is really riding Artur well. Ruslan Tarovsky is ready to be spit roasted now and Artur rams his cock in that open hole and Erik shoves his cock in an open mouth. Ruslan Tarovsky is really getting it good now. As Artur continues to fuck Erik is ready and spurts his hot load all over Ruslan Tarovsky face, Ruslan Tarovsky then sucks on the spent cock and Artur moves around and unloads on Ruslan Tarovsky's face as well. Then his cock goes into Ruslan Tarovsky's mouth as well, as Erik pushes his head down on it. Then is is Ruslan Tarovsky's turn and he blows a nice creamy load over himself. The guys then kiss each other to finish things off very nicely.
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