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When Ty Thomas tells Ryan Pitt he really likes him, Ryan decides to go with it, and in no time, Ty has him stretched out on the bed with his pants around his ankles as Ty services his cock. Ryan Jordan wakes up to find buddy Princeton Price's mouth around his cock, his first reaction is confusion, but Princeton quickly talks him into trying something new. Lucas Leon starts his day by finding his sister's boyfriending on the couch, he immediately suspects something is wrong, but when Matty Strong tells him the fight was the "big one" and that it's definitely over, Lucas' horny side kicks in. First timers Julian Grey and Connor Halsted go at each other. Julian is a gym rat from the Southwest, with a bubble butt and a penchant for bottoming, and Connor is just the man to top him.

Duration: 123 min.
Starring: Ryan Pitt, Princeton Price, Ryan Jordan, Connor Halsted, Ty Thomas

2020-07-31 17:17:17
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