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BG East Wrestling Jake Lowe vs Flavio

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DescriptionLorenzo "Jake" Lowe has steadily built an impressive resume since debuting with BG East just over a year ago. It isn't only his resume that's been building, either. His lovely body has been growing fitter, harder and stronger with every match, and his repertoire of hunk-punishing holds has swelled under the private tutelage of the heel-in-chief himself, Kid Leopard. Stunningly handsome, a dangerous knack for brutalizing bigger opponents, and The Boss on your side?! Add a quickly swelling ego for this hot young lightweight!

The Boss gave Jake specific instructions regarding whom he wanted for Latino muscleboy Flavio to make his debut. But when The Boss' protege took one look at the mouthwatering fitness model, he exercised his "executive prerogative" and decided that he just had to break in the new meat himself. And who could blame him!

Warming up before the match, Flavio is nothing short of a vision, neatly squeezed into breathtakingly tight, baby blue briefs. It's not hard to see why photographers are lining up to capture this work of art on film. Modestly tattooed and baked to a perfect bronze in the South Florida sunshine, Flavio understandably can't take his eyes off of himself as he warms up. And that ass! You can literally see his striated glutes through the taught fabric of his briefs. There's not a bulge or crevice on his physique that isn't carved to perfection.

When Jake arrives in painted-on pink underwear, bigger Flavio understandably looks underwhelmed. "This is my opponent!?" he asks, giving Jake's sexy-as-hell, 5'5" lean body a once over. "You think you can beat me?" he says disbelievingly, taking stock of his nearly 40 pound of grade-A beef weight advantage over "little" Jake. "Look at me!" Flavio taunts, flexing his mountainous right bicep, which, truth be told, is at least as thick as Jake's neck. "Yeah," Jake replies, scanning the nearly naked specimen in front of him, "I can see those muscles. You're pretty fucking big. But those muscles are not going to help you."

Jake immediately goes on offense, sweeping the muscleman's legs out from underneath him and putting Flavio on his back. "I got you pinned!" he gloats, rolling the big man to his shoulders. "That's nothing!" Flavio grunts, breaking Jake's hold effortlessly. Suddenly, it's Jake's shoulders that are pinned to the mat beneath the granite mountain of muscle bearing down on him. Phenomenal Flavio snaps his bulging thighs around Jake's abdomen. "Can't get out of that can you!?" sultry Flavio coos, admiring both the pump of his own muscles and the effect his power has on his lightweight opponent.

Jake Lowe is quickly second-guessing his executive decision to defy The Boss' instructions and appoint himself the first one to get his hands on massive muscle stud Flavio. The Boss is not known as a particularly forgiving taskmaster, and finding himself in danger of a humiliating defeat at the hands of their newest recruit, Jake is looking like he's in way over his head. He counters the fitness star's strength with an abdominal claw, but Flavio laughs it off as little more than a tickle. When he shoves Jake away, the lightweight stud is literally lifted off his feet and slammed hard into a wall. Flavio scoops him up effortlessly, holds him helplessly just long enough to demonstrate his total mastery, and then pounds Jake down in a spine-cracking over-the-knee backbreaker. Bridged vulnerably across the big man's knee, Jake claws at the mountainous pecs of his tormentor, but he's over and done in record time. Breathless and totally dominated, Jake concedes the humiliating first fall.

You start to get the impression that Flavio was made for all-in mat wrestling. "No one can defeat me!" he crows, flexing his divine physique in victory and dubbing himself, "The Beast!" He enthusiastically peels Jake's undergear off, leaving the junior executive with barely a shred of dignity and a miniscule pink(!) thong. Dragging the stunned lightweight off the mat, he choke slams Jake into the wall and jackhammers his fists into the youngster's freshly minted 6-pack abs. This is starting to look like a mugging!

Jake didn't spend endless hours tutored in the art of hardcore wrestling and not learn some things from the Leopard. For example, when you're at the mercy of a muscled beast, a precisely placed fist to the balls can turn things right around. Mountainous muscles don't protect The Beast's most vulnerable spots, and Jake exploits the muscle hunk's blinding agony by returning the favor and stripping Flavio to a barely mentionable baby blue thong. "You may have the muscle," Jake snarls, "but I've got the skill!"

Both wrestlers nurse bruised egos by trading humiliating spladle submissions, spreading each other's ass-cheeks wide, tearing each other apart at the groin. Flavio's overwhelming advantage in raw power is complimented by some surprisingly accomplished holds, wringing out multiple submissions from the BG East "It-boy" in multiple helicopter twirling spinning full nelsons. "Who's the bitch now!?" he growls, quickly losing himself in admiration of his flexing muscles as he places his foot on Jake's crotch in celebration.

Jake has got a tiger by the tail, and The Beast may just be the overwhelming muscle stud to bite Jake in that beautiful butt of his. Facing a humiliating defeat, not the mention the ire of The Boss, Jake digs deeper than he's ever had to, but Flavio is determined to prove that the BG East It-boy has bitten off way more than he can chew!
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