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Short description for the impatient:
D.C. Chandler fans, Studio 2000 heard your request to get all your D.C. in one place! D.C. Chandler Superstar Volume 1 features eight of the hottest D.C. Chandler scenes ever.
8 scenes from "Bedtime Stories", "Bad Boys Club 2", "Mann Down: A Body To Die For 3", "Straight Up", "The Scout Club", "Camp Out".
Starring  Trevor Knight, Jason Hawke, Lark Larson, Drew Larson, Jed Wilcox, Norman Benton, Braeden Casey, DC Chandler, Jason Land, John Westfield
Released 11 February 2009

Long description for the keen and patient:
From Bedtime Stories I: The tale "It's Hard" stars D.C. Chandler and Drew Larson as lovers who never go to bed angry. If you need to be reminded, these studs are brunet, beautiful and boast bountiful boners. After a spat, Chandler comes out of the shower and kisses and embraces the naked and hairy-chested Larson who is already in bed and rearing to rock. The action intensifies as Chandler sucks Larson's log. Larson opens his mouth wide to deep-throat Chandler's uncut crank. More kissing, and lots more cocksucking drive them both mad. Chandler eats his lover's hairy asshole using his tongue to expertly bring light into the darkness. Lickety-split, Chandler slides his huge hose up Larson's love-tunnel and pummels him all over the bed in the missionary, sidesaddle and doggie positions. Chandler rides Larson's rump, his robust rod slamming in and out with deep penetrating strokes. Both shoot their stuff with Chandler soaking Larson's nuts with his spooge.

From Bad Boys Club 2: Chandler leaves his computer terminal to check out what Jed Willcox is downloading. Without further ado, they kiss and Willcox hauls Chandler's colossal cock out of the constraints of his tighty whities. Willcox sucks on Chandler's heavy-hung hose and continues to jerk on his own. Both uncut cocks are massive but if a size contest were held, Chandler would win, hands down. Willcox removes Chandler's tie, wraps it around Chandler's dick, and continues to suck. Talk about dressing for dinner! They stand and exchange sloppy, wet kisses before Chandler takes his turn blowing Willcox's wang and licking his thick bush. Chandler strips Willcox, lays him down on top of the desk, and climbs on top of him for lots more D.C.-style kissing. Willcox fucks Chandler's face with long deliberate strokes, chews his balls, and laps at his asshole. He fingers, rims, and screws Chandler's deep ditch in the missionary position. Chandler, his long legs akimbo, loves every push and shove. In a reversal of fortune, Willcox sits his muscular ass down on Chandler's dong and rides, his balls and boner bouncing in the breeze. Willcox's wanger gets bigger and bigger as the pounding proceeds, and finally blasts off a hands-free, massive missile of man juice. Chandler follows by pumping off a volley of high-flying fluid that has to be seen to be believed.

From A Body to Die for 3: Mann Down: Chandler is on a mission. His brother has been kidnapped and he is hot on the trail. Unfortunately, the villains are also after Chandler so he dashes from his hotel room, running through field and forest, to escape. He is captured and thrown into jail with a very user-friendly cellmate John Westfield. It should come as no surprise that Westfield is in jail for sucking dick. Quickly sizing up the situation, and never one to let an opportunity pass by, Chandler asks, "Well, are you any good?" The pale-skinned, dark-haired Westfield, who could not be more appetizing if he tried, wastes no time. He hauls out Chandler's dependably dazzling donkey dick and proves his sucking skills. Chandler tastes Westfield's cock and in short order is slamming his sizzle stick deep into Westfield's asshole in the doggie and missionary positions. Chandler's squirt-gun cum shot produces the most voluminous volley of his career and Westfield oozes gobs of thick white cream in response. Chandler is released from jail.

From A Body to Die for 3: Mann Down: Chandler arrives at his brother's home and finds Jason Land. His brother is not there but a very feisty Land is, and he's the real deal. He has platinum blond hair, a flawless face, warm eyes, sparkling white teeth, a plentiful prick, a bubble butt, and a tight bronze body. He also seems to be having so much down and dirty fun with Chandler that one cannot resist saluting the scene. After some snappy dialogue and a bit of cat and mouse maneuvering, Land removes Chandler's shoes and socks and massages his feet. He crawls all over Chandler's long luscious frame rubbing, fondling and kissing every available inch. Land absolutely worships Chandler's dick sucking, licking and slurping like one possessed. Land shoves his cock in Chandler's face and is rewarded for all his efforts with a world-class blowjob. Land's cock, long, thick, and cut, with a wide mushroom head is gorgeous sliding in and out of Chandler's mouth. Moving from couch to bed these two melt into one. All clothes are ripped off as the kissing and cocksucking continues. These two sensational show boys strut their stuff. Chandler drives his huge hose deep into Land's end. Every position in the book is tried as the temperature rises higher and higher. Land moans, groans and whimpers for more as Chandler drills deeper and deeper. Great fucking, great chemistry, heavy-duty hard-ons, and copious cum shots add up to an astounding session of smoldering sex.

From Straight Up: With everyone out on assignment for the afternoon, Chandler takes the opportunity to become better acquainted with cook Braeden Casey - a fresh-faced farmboy with milk-white skin and nipples the size of silver dollars. He doesn't look like he has ever seen a dick other than his own and that makes this episode all the more enticing. Chandler starts the ball rolling as they kiss and grope in the kitchen. He is also the first to go down, sampling Casey's cock and clearly loving the taste and texture. Next, it is Casey's turn to chow down on Chandler's rambunctious rod and, lo and behold, he deep-throats every baseball-bat-sized bit. It is rapidly becoming clear that innocent looking Casey is perhaps not so innocent after all. Chandler opens Casey's crack with his fingers and then slides his famous phallus all the way into the tight manhole. Casey responds with moans and groans and by leaking one plume of pre-cum which he promptly eats. After this moist little trick, he sits down on Chandler's dick, shoots his load while being penetrated, spins all the way around on the cock, and cums again.

From The Scout Club: The next story takes place in an empty train. Jason Hawke plays the conductor and when Lark Larson and Norman Krivell can't produce tickets, they must blow Hawke as payment. Would that all train travel was this hard. This barter system instantly produces some intense cocksucking with all three hungry guys enjoying the taste of tantalizing tool. Larson is a lean, pretty, pillow-lipped eyeful, Krivell is a beefy blond with a thick uncut prick and of course Hawke is the total package. The cock close-ups are amazing and just when you though it could not get any better it does. Superstar Chandler arrives on the scene and takes over. Hawke is the first to suck Chandler and from here the action kicks into high gear. Chandler, Hawke and Larson all take a turn at fucking Krivell's tight ass across the train seat. The resulting cum shots, deposited on Krivell, are copious with Chandler's, of course, being the creme de la creme.

From The Scout Club: This encounter between glam-gods Chandler and Brad Benton is one for the history books. Benton is sitting on the dock of a lake, in straw hat and overalls, fishing. Chandler, in his scout uniform, comes upon this picture of pastoral bliss and in no time their poles replace the fishing pole. Benton practically has to stand on tiptoes in order to kiss and caress the super stud standing in front of him. He chews on Chandler's pecs, which encourages Chandler to suck Benton's boner and fondle his ball-bag. They push off on a raft and, in the middle of the lake, Benton drops to his knees and services the gentle giant. He accomplishes the considerable feat of deep-throating Chandler's big crank, which is more than a mouthful. Back on the porch of the cabin, Chandler slowly inserts one finger, then two, then three to prepare Benton for what is soon to follow. Lots of sexy and sloppy kissing finally has Benton ready to impale himself on Chandler's colossal cock. Tight close-ups of this huge hose plowing in and out of Benton's bubble butt are incredible as are Chandler's big bouncing balls. As Benton moans and groans with delight Chandler fucks him over a barrel, pulls out, and splashes his seed all over Benton's buns. Once Benton has blasted all over the barrel, you will replay it instantly to see it again and again.

From Camp Out: At Chandler's apartment, Trevor Knight is telling him everything that happened on his expedition. So begins an arousing encounter that will demand watching and re-watching. Chandler says, "I'm hard... feel this." Knight, no fool, does. He looks into Chandler's eyes, dark pools of desire that they are, and the rest, as they say, is history. They suck face then Chandler goes down on Knight's knob. In the shower, we find Knight on his knees sucking on Chandler's donkey cock as the spray makes them shimmer like they were glowing from the inside out. He is intoxicated with the size and shape, licking sucking and chewing on the considerable foreskin. Knight stands and they kiss and it is then that we realize that Chandler towers over Knight. Chandler licks and chews on Knight's neck, nibbles his chest, and slowly descends until he orally engulfs Knight's erection. In bed, Chandler fingers and rims Knight's smooth-shaven asshole and glides his long dong deep into Knight's butt. Knight is simply swept away. Then, just when you thought it could not get any better Chandler says, "I want you to fuck me." With Chandler's legs in the air, Knight slams his swollen stick all the way up Chandler's chute. Chandler doesn't go bottom up very often and this time is unforgettable. He moans and groans and both fire off copious cream."

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