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Meet Mike, a student at Jock University who has a "thing" for big football boys.
Mike is 24 years old, 6'-3" and weighs 300 pounds.
He has always had his eyes on Hank and Jack, two sexy big football jocks that play for the school's football team.

Mike has wanted Hank and Jack for the longest time, and never had the courage to say anything.
But Mike is not shy when it comes to fantasizing about those two.
He can't get enough of them playing it rough in bed, uniforms included.

If only Mike knew that his fantasies may not be far from reality, as these two big boys love to get steamy when they are off-practice.
Jack, a 23 years old 315 pound hunk loves to fuck with his sexy 26 years old and 330 pound teammate, Hank.

Join Mike as he takes us into his fantasies "jock" style!
Watch Jack and Hank get play hard in bed and then get into their wrestling gear, all while Mike plays with himself.
Finally, things get "real" outside the bedroom when the big jocks rendezvous at one of the school's public restrooms for some hot play before their classes resume.


Hot, rough action is on the plate when a young, country-raised man gets two superchub visitors to his barn.

First, he gets dominated by Brad, who gets him on his knees, and then up in his sling.
Afterwards the chaser hooks up with Peter, a submissive bottom chub, but things get really wild when Brad returns and joins them both!

Then find out what happens when a hot, tall, hairy chub moves in next door to his horny new neighbor.
These big boys know how to rim, suck, moan, and fuck!

Lastly, another great chub confession.
This time with Ian Strokes a hot chub that loves to share his fantasies with us!.


Are you ready for a real workout?
These heavyweights will stun you!
Starting with two hot construction workers who get some over time, when Big Bill, a huge, hairy, bearded chub, shows his hire just how to work it.
After a hot jerk off and suck session outside, things heat up even more, when the big man gets his dick sucked, they strip, and the little guy gets pounded.

Next we have a smooth superchub in a bathhouse, who cruises a hot young twink.
It’s opposites attract when these 29 year olds get together.
What happens when you mix a horny, smooth, 5’9”, 400lb superchub and a 5’6”, 130 ripped twink?
Hot fucking, hot sucking, and spurts of cum.

Finally, we find out what’s been happing to Nigel, a 23 year old, 5’11”, 360lb chub for chub when he meets his half-naked new neighbor, a 6’5”, hairy, 445lb big man with a thing for jock straps and briefs.
It’s hot big on big action as these two kiss, suck, and jerk until a hot unloading that you won’t believe!

TRAINING COACH, Part 1 & Part 2!

The adventure continues at Jock U!
When the hot coach takes his team out to play, things get hot and steamy at the hotel.
Check out Jeff, a 6', 400 pound honor student at Jock U.
He's been a long time fan of his school team, not for the sport but for the team's coach.
See Jeff sneak in the coach's room and catch him "training" his assistant Ty on a one-on-one private lesson.

The coach is a sexy 29 y/o 6'-1" 350 lbs big man who also enjoys getting the best of his players.
The coach's assistant, Ty is 6', 200 lbs and always loves to train receivers.
He also loves to get it on with the coach, and joins in with Mark, a 20 y/o, 6'-11", 350 lbs player who could not resist curiosity and had to make a pass at his coach that night.

Join these four hot men while they make the best of out their hotel stay before the game.
Don't miss out the hot foreplay, shower and sex scenes.
These guys know how to play and be teammates!


These boys know how to enjoy their spring break!
Join Nate and Xander on a hot online video cam session, where Nate bares it all for his secret admirer Xander.
Then the secret is out, when Nate unknowingly meets Xander in person while looking for a used pick-up truck to buy. When Xander recognizes Nate, things get hot and steamy...right inside the truck!
The two then head inside the house and continue to romp in bed.

Next, meet Dave and Blake, two roommates on spring break in FT. Lauderdale.
After a long day of fun, they head out to their hotel room where their straight friend Ward awaits them.
But Dave is feeling horny, and gets Blake to put out while Ward takes a shower.
Unknown to them, Ward is also busy playing with himself in the shower and soon notices the action between his two friends.
Adding fuel to his fantasies, Ward shoots a huge load while Blake and Dave play and fuck hard in the room.

Finally, John, a bad boy from Tennessee shares his fantasies and sexual experiences with us, one-to-one.
Watch John undress and play with his hot sexy body for the camera.
John loves to tell us all, rub his nipples and shoot his load.
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