NK 2013-Wrestling Collection 2

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Description30179-Doug Acre vs Dominic Pacifico-47_46

Dominic Pacifico
"The Dominator"
HT: 5'8"
WT: 165lbs
Season W/L record (0-0)
Lifetime W/L record (0-1)

Doug Acre
"The Destroyer"
HT: 5'6"
WT: 150lbs
Season W/L record (0-0)

Dominic "The Dominator" Pacifico is back after a long hiatus from Naked Kombat. After losing his first match against Drake Jaden back in 2009, he's determined to fuck this time around. Ripped, hung stud Doug "The Destroyer" Acre is no stranger to the mat. With years of wrestling under his belt "The Destroyer" is ready to destroy his opponent. Dominic throws vicious punches as Doug pushes his assault. "The Destroyer" shrugs it off and sits on Dominic's face, shoving his giant cock in "The Dominator's" mouth. Dominic screams as Doug pulls on his balls while catching him in a full nelson. These two hot studs hold nothing back knowing that sexual domination is at stake.

30525-Hayden Richards vs Jeremy Stevens-46_18

Jeremy Stevens
Ht: 6'0"
WT: 195lbs
Season W/L record ( 1-0)

Hayden Richards
"The Swank"
Ht: 6'0"
WT: 185lbs
Season W/L record (1-0)

We've got two of our best fighters this season, Hayden "The Swank" Richards and Jeremy "Stonewall" Stevens going balls to the wall to see who is the true victor of Naked Kombat. Hayden starts off slamming Stonewall to the ground and locking him in an arm bar. Jeremy manages to get out and counters by getting The Swank caught in a crucifix. The Swank screams as his arms are pulled in each direction while Stonewall shoves his finger in his opponents tight ass. After a match full of brutal takedowns and strong holds, these champions stay completely rock hard the entire 3rd round, shoving their hard cocks in each other's face any chance they get. The glory of victory and sexual dominancy is on the line as these two battle it out in the fight of the century!

30526-John Jammen vs Will Parks-46_28

Will Parks
"The Punisher"
Ht: 5'11"
WT: 180lbs
Season W/L record ( 0-2)

John Jammen
"Jizz on Your Face"
Ht: 5'9"
WT: 155lbs
Season W/L record (0-0)

We almost had to cancel this fight after our scheduled Blue fighter pussed out and pulled a "no-show" going up against Will "The Punisher" Parks. Luckily for us, John Jammen was there to watch the fight and stepped up to the plate to challenge The Punisher. Once John saw The Punisher's ass, nothing could hold him back from gaining sexual dominancy. Will knows all too well how unforgiving losing on Naked Kombat can be though, and today he's more determined than ever to punish his opponents tight hole. The intense sexual aggression continues from the mat into the bathroom where the loser gets his ass fucked and his head shoved in a toilet for a swirly

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