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MMB - Brother Samuels, Elder Butler, Elder Peterson Part 2 - Shower Up

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DescriptionWhen Brother Samuels took a nap at the missionary apartment, he used the two Mormon boysÂ’ bunkbed like a glory hole. Elder Butler and Elder Peterson were too shy to initiate sex, but when he lowered his huge dick down to them, they gave him an intense blowjob through the slats of the bed.

He closed his eyes and pictured the handsome young men, stripped down to their secret Mormon underwear, taking turns on his huge dick. As the two licked his shaft and sucked the head, he couldnÂ’t hold back and shot a huge load in their boyish, clean-shaven faces.

Covered in cum, the boys decide to hop in the shower to clean up, and Brother Samuels wants to join them.

He canÂ’t decide who turns him on more: cute Elder Butler with his little butt, or Elder Peterson with his muscles and hefty cock. Both of them are smiling and theyÂ’re clearly game for a little more sex.

Elder Butler turns on the shower and his companion Elder Peterson playfully pushes him into the water.

Of course Elder Butler gets soaked, but he doesnÂ’t mind. And he doesnÂ’t take off his garments either. His wet Mormon underwear cling to his body. The result is sexy. Quite sexy judging by the boners in the room.

The two naked men pin Elder Butler between them. Elder Peterson gets his companion out of his garments, turns him toward Brother Samuels, and bends him over.

Elder Peterson loves the sight of his companionÂ’s exposed ass hole, taint, and dangling ballsack so much, he canÂ’t help but press his face into his companions ass crack and enjoy his ass hole.

While Elder Butler puts the older manÂ’s thick veiny cock into his mouth, his companion kneels on the floor of the tub and spreads his ass so he can properly rim.

Looking at these two boys in the shower, Brother Samuels realizes he would be content as a voyeur. HeÂ’s not about to turn down a blow job, of course. And frankly, heÂ’d happily peg either or both of these boys given the opportunity.

While his companion is worming his tongue deeper and deeper into his ass, Elder Butler works more and more of Brother SamuelsÂ’ substantial dick down his throat.

As the older man slowly runs his hands over ButlerÂ’s youthful body, his hand finds the boys dick, which is now leaking copious amounts of precum. Getting jacked and rimmed while sucking a huge dick, Elder Butler moans with pleasure around Brother SamuelsÂ’s dick.

Elder Peterson loves how soft his companionÂ’s flesh feels against his tongue. He works his tongue deep into his companionÂ…he really wants to make sure his companions hole is well lubricated.

Elder Peterson thoroughly wets Elder ButlerÂ’s insides and stuffs his dick up his companionÂ’s holeÂ…

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