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Description33 clips of an Alpha sucking on the glass dick and going through an almost Village People wardrobe of costume changes.  Most are 30 seconds in length, I think the max is 3 minutes and there is a short shot of him fucking a guy in a sling with no pipe in view.  His quirky, tweaky mannerisms remind me of my ex (although my ex's technique is superior, he would never insulate product with so much soot on the pipe & his dick truly was a marvel superhero) which kind of endeared me to this misfit.  Not sure where I found these, might be it was on tumblr, could be freakyraw is his handle because I personally don't think he's too freaky or raw in these clips.  I vaguely remember a South Beach location mention.

So fair warning, I am not certain what he has in that pipe, could just be a prop but it looks like that prescription for staring at screens.  It's cloudy in every clip except the previously mentioned single sling fuck clip.  Do not attempt at home, that stuff could cause brain damage.

Resolution 360 x 640
Aspect ratio 0.5625
Format H264
Bitrate 3105 kbps
Frames per second 30.000
Selected codec ffh264

Added2016-01-30 08:56:45
Size603.05 MB (632,347,844 bytes)
Num files33 files