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Treasure Island Media - Cheap Thrills Volume 8 (HD)

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DescriptionCHEAP THRILLS VOLUME 8 includes some of my favorite pierced, tatted, and bearded fuckers in three all new balls-to-the-wall fuck sessions -- plus a savory bonus scene. This is real, raw, and sweaty man-sex at its best.

- - Paul Morris

Scene 1: Pete Rides Andy Arcade
You've seen bottom-whore PETE SUMMERS in VIRAL LOADS and BONE HEAD 2. He's back to take a load from my favorite fucker ANDY ARCADE in an inked up, trashy rut-fuck that's so gritty you'll think you can actually taste it. Slurp!
ANDY dives in beard and tongue first, prepping PETE's hole for his hefty uncut cock. With his pucker all wet and pouty, needy PETE climbs on and rides ANDY like a cowboy on his first wild bronco. Giddee-up!
PETE bangs his fat ’n’ fleshy bung-pillows on that thick meat again and again, deeper and deeper, until ANDY’s dick gives in and sprays PETE’s guts with a gushing sticky load that he's so very well earned.

Scene 2: One Verbal Fuck
Wanna watch a sex-starved man get his first rawfuck and take his first man-load? Check this out: I tossed total porn-newbie ELI CUMMINGS into a sweltering cheap Reno hotel room with raw-stud DERRICK . And just cause I’m such a good guy, I threw in a bottle of fresh poppers. Buckle up, ELI!
ELI's dick-crazy fuck-rant is the fucking real deal: he’s gone gonzo over that cock in his ass. And there’s a storybook happy ending as DERRICK gives him what he’s waited his entire life to get: a gut full of JIZZ.

Scene 3: Fuck What You Eat
JIMMIE SLATER loves to butt-munch as much as he loves to pound hole. And that’s ideal for EDDY KORDOVA 'cause EDDY’s got one insatiable bungholio. Every lick, slurp and prodding curlicue of JIMMIE'S tongue in his fuck-pucker gives EDDY the shivers. Oh papa -- that’s real goooood!
JIMMIE's dick -- thick, throbbin’ and ready to spit seed -- needs a man hole right now! And EDDY's ready. He climbs onto that fine dick and rides it nice and slow at first. But JIMMIE’s dick has a will of its own. Before you know it, that dick takes over. It works EDDY's greedy hole hard ’n’ deep and deftly deposits a ball-fresh load of sperm deep-deep-deep.
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