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BG East Alexi Adamov vs Christian Taylor

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DescriptionSlender, lithe young Christian Taylor stands up. 'I'll go,' he offers, 'the big dope doesn't scare me at all.' He adds confidently, 'I'll kick his big Russian ass.' Christian has been working hard on his wrestling skills since his recent humiliation at the hands of smaller Austin Raines. And what better way to show his mettle than by taking on a much bigger man?

Christian heads out and joins Alexi at the mat. 'How old are you, little boy?' Alexi asks with a look of disgust. 'Does your mother know you're here? Did you get permission from your mother to wrestle?' 'I'm old enough,' Christian responds, slipping his shorts off and joining big Alexi on the mat.

Alexi offers his hand to introduces himself, and as Christian lets his guard down, Alexi attacks! As he tosses the youngster around, the 'new' Alexi emerges full-blown, with vicious taunts and cruel holds that make the kid scream in pain! 'Are you flexible?' Alexi asks as he bends the kid in half.

One lesson the sexy Russian hasn't quite learned is that pride goeth before a fall. Suddenly, Christian has scores a quick reversal on the big Russian and has him twisted up like a pretzel. 'Are you flexible?' he taunts. 'Come on, big guy, let's see how far you can bend!' As Christian tightens the hold on the tiring Alexi and keeps up the taunts, the big Russian keeps struggling.

Alexi is not going to let some slender pretty boy he outweights by 50 pounds get the better of him! Alexi is furious'and wants to teach the kid a lesson like never before! All the extra muscle he's built comes into play, as he puts Christian through a humiliating clinic of submission and pain until finally the angelic babyface lies, limp and utterly defeated on the mat, trying to clear his head. 'Send someone out who's got some muscle,' Alexi sneers as he nudges Christian with his foot. 'You know, someone who might be a challenge.'
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